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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Army searches UPDF leader’s house in Khagrahcari

The army searched the house of Ujjal Smriti Chakma, chief organiser of UPDF Khagrachari District Unit, in Khabangpujjya in Khagrachari town, a UPDF member said.

The army personnel carried out the search at 11:30am today.

“At first they surrounded the house and then entered it without permission and forced all those present in the house out.” Kalo Priya Chakma, a district level leader of the United Peoples Democratic Front, told chtnews.com quoting Ujjal Chakma’s family members.

He said the soldiers had searched each and every corner of the house and everything in the house, turning it upside down. However, they found nothing incriminating.

The army personnel also threatened and misbehaved with Ms Shanti Rani Chakma, 30, the house maid.

Ujjal, who contested from Khagrachari constituency in the last parliamentary elections held in December 2008, was not present when the search was made.

Military patrol and search operations have increased in Khagrachari town since the violent communal attack on Jumma people on 23 February.

Many innocent Jummas have been arrested since then, and it is feared that the government may carry out another round of mass arrests of the Jumma people soon.


news source: chtnews.com

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