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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breaking news: Bengali settlers attack on Jummas in Rangamati town (More details coming soon)

The settler Bengalis, backed by military and polices, have been carrying out continuous attacks on Jummas in different areas of Rangamai town since morning today (22.09.12) that continues till now (BDT 14:00).

Several Jummas have been seriously injured during the attack. 

It has been confirmed that following Jumma Upajila Parishad (UP) Chairmen have been injured by the attack: Paritosh Chakma (Babuchara Union), Mongol Chakma (Longudu Union), Shombhu Tanchangya (Roangchari Union), Sanu Pru Marma (Sualok Union), Thoairing Marma (Chitmorom Union), Chaila Pru Marma (Koalang Union), Uchi Pru Marma (Hafchari Union), Chandra Ranjan Chakma (Dighinala Union), Bishwa Kalyan Chakma ( Kobakhali Union), Chuinu Pru Marma (Sindukchari Union). The UP chairmen from three hill districts were having a schedule meeting today at Rangamati Upajila Parishad conference hall which is adjacent to Army Headquarter of Rangamati District. 

Among the several injured Jummas, prominent medical  doctor from Rangamati Shushovon Chakma's identity has been confirmed. The Bengali settlers have attacked him and beat him up severely in his private chamber, causing several fractures in his hand and skull. They have also beat his secretary, burnt his motorbike and vandalized his chamber. 

The administration has imposed section 144 in the town. However, the Bengali settlers are still carrying out processions on street in front of the military and police, without any obstruction. The military have been carrying out raid in different Jumma areas of Kallayanpur, Devasish Nagar and beating Jumma youths at their houses.

In Kallayanpur area, when militray were raiding Jumma houses, Shantu Larma (Chairman of regional council) came out of his residence and asked the military for the reason of such action. It has been learnt that the warrant officer, Md. Omar, misbehaved with him and military still continues its search.

Many believe that this attack is pre-planned. Yesterday (21.09.12), the settler Bengalis carried out a procession in Rangamati town in protest of a anti-Islam clip and later, they held a meeting. People are fearing that there might be a connection between their yesterday's meeting and today's attack.

We have managed to collect few pictures of today's attack: (More update coming soon)

Army and Police taking position in Jumma locality. Photo courtesy: Udayan tanchayanga

Army taking position in Kallayanpur. Photo courtesy: Bidhayak Chakma
Jumma leaders talking to army. Photo courtesy: Tejadipta Chakma


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