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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bengali settlers attack on Jummas in Rangamati - Report from PCJSS

Communal attack in Rangamati leaving numerous Jumma men and women wounded, office and rest house of CHTRC vandalised and Jumma shops and houses damaged

Bengali settlers conducted communal attacks upon indigenous Jumma peoples in Rangamati on 22 September 2012. At least 40 Jumma students, 1 government physician, 12 Union Parishad chairmen, 2 college teachers and 5 Bengali students received wounds while severe damage was brought to the office and rest house of the CHT Regional Council, shops and houses of the Jumma people. Even though the army and police reached the spots much later, the security forces did not beef up proper measure. Despite the army took their positions at different locations along the main road (Rangamati-Chittagong road), the Bengali settlers conducted attacks upon the Jumma peoples and their localities either side causing wide damage upon Jumma-owned shops and houses.
It is learnt that hot exchanges over the issue of sitting in the college bus took place in between the two college students belonging to Jumma and Bengali communities in the classroom approximately around 9:30 a.m. At certain point, as the Bengali student kicked the Jumma student, the skirmish between the students of two communities began. The Bengali students attacked on the Jumma students indiscriminately. The incident took a wide shape as the Jumma students took an effort to resist the attackers. Chasing and counter chasing between the students of two communities continued. At this hour, the Bengali settlers from the surrounding localities near the college, being equipped with sharp choppers, canes, stick etc. entered the college boundary and participated in attack on the Jumma students.
At this hour, the army and police took position at the main entrance of the college. They did not prevent the Bengali settlers and Bengali students while they were chasing after the Jumma students. On the contrary, it was learnt that while the Jumma students got reorganized and started chasing the attackers of Bengali settlers and Bengali students, the army personnel brought in pressure upon the Jumma students. At this point of time, near about 30 Jumma students, 5 Bengali students and 2 college teachers got wounded.
Afterwards, some groups of army and police forces arrived at Rangamati Government College, College gate area, TTC Road, Kalyanpur and Devasishnagar. Immediately after their arrival, the army and police forces drove the attacking settlers away and the Jummas also began to back to their own localities. But while chasing after the Jumma people, the army and police entered into Jumma-inhabited Kalyanpur and Devasishnagar localities. They continued to chase the Jumma peoples with canes and sticks. They began caning and pelting at the Jummas irrespective of women and children. Another group of army led by the Warrant Officer Md. Omar continued to chase the Jumma people along the Kalyanpur road while striking against the Jumma houses by roadsides with sticks. At certain point, the army continued to advance towards the residence of CHT Regional Council chairman. At this time, as the chairman of the Council came out of his residence, the army personnel conducted outrageous behavior with him also.
Immediately after the occurrence of college incident, the Bengal settlers from different areas began to gather at College gate, Banarupa, Kathaltali, Vedvedi, North Kalindipur, Amanatbag, Reserve Bazar, Old Bus Stand, Tabalchari and other places to attack the Jumma peoples. The Bengali settlers also attacked the Union Parishad (UP) Chairmen who were attending conference at the Rangamati Upazila Council Conference Hall. In this attack, around 12 UP chairmen received serious wounds while other 20 chairmen received wounds more or less. Later on, the army rescued the UP chairmen from the rampage and provided treatment to them at army hospital. The group of chairmen soon met with the General Officer Commanding (GOC) at the Circuit House and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits and examplary punishment to them.
After attack at Vedvedi area, the Bengali settlers broke the houses of Bishu Kumar Chakma and Sundar Kumar Chakma near the Vedvedi Primary School. Besides, the attackers set fire on a truck and an auto-rickshaw at Vedvedi. During attack at Banarupa area, many Jumma men and women including Dr. Sushobhan Dewan of Rangamati General Hospital were wounded. The settlers attacked Dr. Sushobhan Dewan with chopper and stick at the Kaushik Pharmacy. They also broke his motorbike. The Bengali settlers also broke the commercial institutions, shops and Chevron & Doctors Lab owned by the Jumma people. He sustained serious injuries in the head and got his hand fractured and might lose the sight in one eye. It is learnt that as the day was a Market Day, many Jumma men, women and children came to market became victims of the attack. The Bengali settlers also attack the Jumma people who went to see the wounded at the Rangamati hospital boundary. At this one Subhash Mitra Chakma received serious wounds. In Reserve Bazar, the settlers also attacked 5 Jumma people who came to the market. The Jummas at Tabalchari and Majhir Bosti also became under settler’s attack.
On the other, the attackers attacked the CHT Regional Council office; they broke the main entrance, window glasses and vehicle glasses and pelted at the office. They tried to set fire by throwing petrol-filled burning Coca-Cola bottles at the CHT Regional Council office. They also assaulted the CHT Regional Council rest house. The window glasses of the rest house and the glasses of one vehicle got shattered in this attack. The Bengali settlers also attacked on the building of retired government officer, Amuya Ranjan Chakma and broke the shops attached to it. As the attackers pelted stones, the windows of district office of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) got shattered. It is to be noted that the Bengali settlers attacked the CHT Regional Council office and rest house towards 3.00 pm that is 5 hours later since the beginning of the incident.
Centering the Rangamati incident, the Bengali settlers also attacked the Jumma people at Longadu upazila sadar. At least five Jummas including Chikko Muni Chakma were wounded during the attack. Around 30 wounded persons including Dr. Sushobhan Dewan were admitted at Rangamati General Hospital, among them, 5 Bengalis, Dr. Sushobhan Dewan, Mangal Kanti Chakma and Subhas Mitra Chakma were sent to Chittagong in serious condition.
General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 24th Infantry Division of Chittagong cantonment visited Rangamati and organied a meeting with government officials, public representatives and teachers of Rangamati college at the Rangamati Circuit House. The meeting decided to form an inquiry committee to investigate the incident. Following the decision, section 144 was imposed in Rangamati town for indefinite period.
Following the Rangamati College students’ incident, the way the Bengali settlers organized the attacks in association so rapidly in almost all the areas of Rangamati and the way the administration and the security forces tackled the situation, it can be said that the whole attack has been a motivated and pre-planned design. In fact, a communal quarter of vested interest has been hatching conspiracy to destabilize the situation in CHT to further extent for a long time.
The PCJSS strongly condemns the communal attack upon the Jumma peoples and demands for immediate arrest of the convicted persons involved in the crimes and award with examplary punishment.
On 23 September 2012 fresh attacks on Jumma people was made near Rangamati general hospital area while section 144 prohibiting large gatherings is still in force. One Dinesh Tanchangya has been reportedly beaten by some Bengali youths at Rangamati general hospital road. He was admitted at Rangamati general hospital. It is also reported that the Bengalis also pelted Jummas with stones at Kalindipur at about 11.00 am.
At around 9.00 pm hundreds of Bengali settlers from Forest Colony near Rangamati Municipal office and new bus stand gathered at East Tribal Adam to attack Jumma houses. Jummas also organised themselves to resist attack of Bengali settlers. However, local administration including police and army rushed there. Army and police along with a magistrate of Rangamati district administration dispersed both mobs of Bengali settlers and Jummas. At that time, a Jumma youth named Juwel Chakma, 22 yr, was arrested from Tribal Adam by the army. At mid-night the situation of East Tribal Adam became under control.
On the other, around 10.00 pm tension mounted high as both Jummas and Bengali settlers were shouting from own area during patrolling their respective side/area. However, army and police rushed there and situation became calm. Army arrested two Jumma youths namely Papel Chakma (22), a student and Chandra Hongsa Chakma (35), a shopkeeper from Rajmoni Para area. Besides, two Bengali settlers were also arrested by army from this area.
During the arrest, guardians of the arrested Jummas were asked to contact to Kotwali police station at 9.00 am on 24 September. But when the guardians went to police station, OC refused to release them. Rather, OC told them to take bail from court. Police presented them before district court showing them arrest under section 54. All arrested three Jummas got release on bail from court on 24 September.
The Rangamati unit of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) declared abstention from work in protest at attack on physicians, including Rangamati health officer Dr. Sushovan Dewan. BMA informed that emergency units in hospitals would be out of the purview of the work abstention.
On 23 September two probe committees were formed to investigate incident. Additional Deputy Commissioner (revenue) of Rangamati district will lead a investigation formed by district administration committee. One of members of the committee was member of Rangamati Hill District Council Brishaketu Chakma. The committee has to submit its report in seven days. Another five-member enquiry committee led by Vice-Principal Mofiz Ahmed was formed by the Rangamati Government College authority. This committee will submit its report in 15 days.
In Dhaka: Pahari Chatra Parishad (PCP) (Hill Students Council) organised a procession in Dhaka protesting against communal attack on Jumma people by Bengali settlers. At first PCP brought out procession from Aporajeo Bangla and it was ended at Raju Bhaskarja parading Dhaka University (DU) campus and Shahbag crossing.
Presided over by Juwel Chakma, president of Dhaka city branch of PCP, the procession was addressed by president of PCP Trijinad Chakma and general secretary Jyotisman Chakma Bulbul, president of DU branch of Bangladesh Chatra Federation Afzalur Rahman Himel, president of DU branch of Samajtantik Chatra Front Rashed Shahriar, ornaising secretary of Dhaka city branch of Hill Women’s Federation Chandra Tripura, president of DU branch of Bangladesh Marma Student Council Paichau Marma, president of DU branch of Tripura Student Federation Topu Tripura et al. Programme was conducted by Jemshon Amlai of PCP.
PCP demanded immediate arrest of culprits involved with communal attack on Jummas and exemplary punishment to them, to provide adequate compensation and treatment to the injured persons and security of life and property of Jumma peoples.
In Chittagong: Citizen’s protest meeting and human chain was organised at in front of Chittagong press club. President over by Parimal Kanti Chowdhury, vice president of Bangladesh Hindi Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad (BHBCOP), the programme was conducted by Sharat Jyoti Chakma, leader of Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum and PCJSS. Among others, chairman of Anthropology Department of Chittagong University Dr. Rehman Nasir Uddin, leader of Gono Oikya Committee Tapan Datta, principal of Noapara College and women leader Prof. Bijoy Laxmi, assistant general secretary of BASAD Chittagong unit Shahabuddin Kabir Abed, coordinator of Chittagong of Gono Sanghati Andolon Hasan Maruf Rumi, general secretary of Chittaging branch of BHBCOP Advocate Nitai Prasad Ghosh, assistant general secretary of Chittagong branch of PCP Tanay Dewan, general secretary of Bangladesh Marma Student Council Obathowai Marma, assistant general secretary of Bawm Students Association Jinmoonlian Bawm et al spoke in the programme.
Citizen’s protest meeting and human chain was followed by a procession. The procession paraded main streets of Chittagong. Citizen rights group demanded immediate arrest of culprits involved with communal attack on Jummas and exemplary punishment to them, to provide adequate compensation and treatment to the injured persons and security of life and property of Jumma peoples.

Injured persons
(a) Injured persons who admitted at Rangamati general hospital
1.      Dr. Shushovan Dewan (50), s/o Mihir Kanti Dewan, Address: Majher Bosti, Rangamati town;
2.      Mr. Shimul Kanti Tanchangya (18), s/o Annu Tanchangya, Address: College Gate area, Rangamati town;
3.      Mr. Daya Moy Dewan (15), s/o Joydip Dewan, Address: Durchari-Uparpara, Baghaichari;
4.      Ms. Ohi Chakma (18), d/o Mrinal Kanti Chakma, Address: Suvalong, Barkal upazila
5.      Mr. Gyana Bir Chakma (17), s/o Sadhan Chakma, Address: Mais Chari, Suvalong
6.      Mr. Niloy Chakma (17), s/o Amal Chakma, Address: Majher Bosti, Rangamati town
7.      Ms. Jaba Chakma (20), d/o Purnendu Chakma, Address: Tribal Adam, Rangamati town
8.      Mr. Babul Chakma (33), s/o Sushanti Chakma, Address: Kalyanpur, Rangamati town
9.      Mr. Shuva Chakma (18), s/o Pritimoy Chakma, Address: PTI area, Rangamati town
10.  Mr. Subhash Mitra Chakma (38), s/o Buddha Dhan Chakma, Address: Mais Chari-Suvalong, Barkal upazila, He has referred to Chittagong Medical College Hospital from Rangamati in serious condition.
11.  Mr. Bimaleswar Dewan (13), s/o Sonar Putul Dewan, Address: Biharpur, Rangamati town (attacked at Bana Vihara area)
12.  Mr. Bir Chakma
13.  Mr. Shyama Kanti Chakma (19), s/o Sandhyamoni Chakma, Address: College Gate area (Vedvedi Para), Rangamati town
14.  Mr. Bijoy Chakma (45), s/o Makka Chakma, Address: Chittagong town
15.  Mr. MongLau Marma (25), s/o Mongsinu Marma, Address: Hajachara, Mogban union, Rangamati Sadar upazila
16.  Mr. Gyana Dipta Chakma (40), s/o late Fulesh Chandra Chakma, Address: Sangaram Bihara area, Rangamati town, His motorbike was set on fire at in front of Rangamati Press Club. 
17.  Mr. Ronel Chakma (22), s/o Mrs. Surabala Chakma, Address: Marishya, Baghaichari upazila
18.  Mr. Nantu Bikash Chakma (18), s/o Gandhi Lal Chakma, Address: Kandya, Balukhali union, Rangamati Sadar upazila
19.  Mr. Tethui Mong Marma, s/o Hla Aung Marma, Address: Rangunia-Barkhola Para
20.  Mr. Ananda Sagar Chakma (30), s/o Ranjan Moni Chakma, Address: Kathal Tali, Naniarchar upazila
21.  Ms. Ajanta Chakma (16), d/o Samiran Chakma, Address: Debashish Nagar, Rangamati town
22.  Mr. Liton Barua (35), s/o Nirmal Barua, Address: Vedvedi area, Rangamati town
23.  Mr. Rana (Bengali person) c/o Robi Fashion
24.  Mr. Jony Das, s/o Swapan Das, Address: Tribal Adam, Rangamati town
25.  Mr. Ismail Hossain (23), s/o Abdul Malek, Address: Molla Para, Rangamati town
26.  Mr. Nur Alam, s/o Md. Ishak, Address: Molla Para, Rangamati town
27.  Md. Golam (25), s/o Md. Hukum Ali, Address: Fatik Chari, Rangamati
28.  Mr. Md. Sohag (18), s/o Abdus Salam, Address: South Kalindipur, Rangamati town
29.  Mr. Naser Mia (25), s/o Nur Islam, Address: Chanmpak Nagar, Rangamati town
30.  Mr. Robin (18), s/o Abdul Mannan, Address: Mohasin Colony, Reserve Bazaar, Rangamati town

(b) Injured persons who did not admitted at hospital
31.  Gyana Chakma
32.  Ankhihito Chakma
33.  Subrata Chakma
34.  Palash Tanchangya
35.  Entu Chakma
36.  Khmetra Mohan Chakma
37.  Emon Chakma
38.  Shakyamoni Chakma
39.  Rubel Tanchangya
40.  Mitali Chakma
41.  Pavel Chakma
42.  Fadang Tang Randal
43.  Gyana Jyoti Chakma
44.  Amit Chakma
45.  Jiten Chakma
46.  Pranoy Dewan
47.  Pinku Chakma
48.  Chandan Chakma
49.  Kyathui Mong Marma
50.  Shyamal Chakma
51.  Chikka Moni Chakma (attack in Longadu)
52.  Binoy Chakma
53.  Tarit Kanti Chakma (attack in Reserve Bazaar)\
54.  Tapan Chakma (attack in Reserve Bazaar)
55.  Dikam Chakma (attack in Reserve Bazaar)
56.  Jagadish Chakma (attack in Reserve Bazaar)
57.  Babul Chakma (attack in Reserve Bazaar)
58.  Tapas Chakma
59.  Bijoyasish Dewan
60.  Evan Chakma
61.  Mr. Nipan Chakma (25), s/o Brikka Moni Chakma, Address: Purba Tribal Adam, Rangamati town
62.  Mr. Fani Bhushan Chakma (15), s/o Shobharam Chakma, Address: Purba Tribal Adam, Rangamati Town
63.  Mr. Shanta Chakma (22), s/o Bhagya Kumar Chakma, Address: Champak Nagar area, Rangamati town
64.  Mr. Rupam Tanchangya (22), s/o Amulyo Ranjan Tanchangya, Address: South Tribal Adam, Rangamati town
65.  Mr. Chayan Chakma (18) s/o Marattou Chakma
66.  Mr. Ranjit Tanchangya (45), Ranyachari, Mogban union (attack at Tabalchari)
67.  Mr. Kalachokhya Tanchangya (50), Ranyachari, Mogban union (attack at Tabalchari)
68.  Mr. Kalan Tanchangya (40), Ranyachari, Mogban union (attack at Tabalchari)
69.  Mr. Ananda Mohan Chakma (55) s/o Bigunya Chakma, Bilaichari Para (attack at Tabalchari)
70.  Mr. Arpan Chakma (18)
71.  Mr. Dinesh Tanchangya (22) (attack on 23 September)

Seriously wounded UP chairmen:
72.  Mr. Shanbu Kumar Tanchangya (38), Chairman of Noapatang union under Rowangchari upazila of Bandarban district
73.  Mr. Paritosh Chakma, chairman of Babuchara union under Dighinala upazila of Khagrachari district
74.  Mr. Mangal Kanti Chakma (35), Chairman of Atarak Chara union under Longadu upazila
75.  Mr. Arun Chakma, Chairman of Magban union under Rangamati Sadar upazila.
76.  Mr. Sanu Prue Marma (61), Chairman of Kuhalong union under Bandarban Sadar upazila
77.  Mr. Kya Ching Sui (42), Chairman of Rajvila union under Bandarban Sadar upazila
78.  Mr. Biswanath Tanchangya (40), Chairman of Alekhyong union under Rowangchari upazila, Bandarban district.
79.  Mr. Ajut Bikash Chakma, chairman of Panchari union of Panchari upazila of Khagrachari district
80.  Achi Prue Marma, chairman of Hafchari union of Ramgarh upazila of Kahgrachari district
81.  Mr. Suinu Prue Marma, chairman of Sindukchari union of Mahalchari upazila of Kahgrachari district
82.  Mr. Chandra Ranjan Chakma, chairman of Dighinala union of Kahgrachari district
83.  Mr. Bishwa Kalyan Chakma, chairman of Kabakhali union of Dighinala upazila
84.  Mr. Thowaiching Marma, chairman of Chitmaram union of Kaptai upazila
85.  Mr. Chaihla Prue Marma, chairman of Kaukhali union of Kaukhali upazila


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