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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Land grab attempt in Ramgarh

Land grab attempt in Ramgarh

One person was injured when the settlers attacked the Jummas protesting a land grab attempt on 7th june 2010 in Ramgarh in Khagrachari district.

Sources said a group of 20 – 25 settlers led by Kashem and Belal from Thulipara began clearing jungles to occupy approximately 15 acres of land belonging to the Jummas in the village of Pilabhanga under Batnatoli Union.

“The settlers have been trying to occupy the land for the last few days.” a local Jumma leader told chtnews.com.

The land belongs to three Jummas – Jubolal Chakma (30) son of Prabhat Chakma, Ripon Chakma (18) son of Buddha Dhan Chakma and Nilong Dhan Chakma (45) son of Urbopeda Chakma.

They had their old homesteads in this land, and there are mango and jackfruit trees still to be found on it which they had planted.

“The settlers came yesterday morning and begun clearing jungles. When we tried to restrain them they attacked us and Nilong Dhan was injured in the attack.” one of the victims was quoted as saying.

After that, more Jummas came to the scene and forced the settlers to go back.

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