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Saturday, October 9, 2010

"CHT VOICE "-E-mouthpiece of the PCJSS (MN LARMA) reports about Obhilash Chakma Killing

"CHT VOICE "-E-mouthpiece of the PCJSS (MN LARMA) reports about Obhilash Chakma Killing:

"CHT VOICE" report:

Former UPDF leader shot dead at a pelting distance from Shantu Larma's residence:

Abhilash Chakma (38), a former UPDF leader who quitted UPDF in 2005 and declared solidarity with Santu Larma at CHT Regional Council’s rest house at Banani, Dhaka was shot dead today at 03.00 hrs at his rented home at Kalyanpur, Rangamati. Abhilash whose native village is at Bhuio Adam, under Ghilachari Union of Naniachar Upazila of Rangamati Hill District has been working for the Santu Larma’s JSS for a few years and has been entrusted with the responsiblity of recovering Naniachar Upazila from the hands of UPDF. Abhilash was an accused in the case of abduction of 3 foreigners of Danida supported road project.

On the night of the killing he was sleeping at his rented home with his wife. Taking the advantage of continuous heavy rain the assailants conducted the killing which is hardly 250 yards away from Santu Larma’s official residence. It has been learnt that the attackers forced his brother-in-law open the door and 3 attackers who entered the house shot from point blank distance at his forehead and head from the side.

Army personnel with a van and also police including agency personnel rushed to the spot and the body was taken to hospital and the doctors declared him dead. His body was cremated today at Rangamati. The Santu Larma’s JSS and the PCP (Hill Students Council) staged protest at Rangamati to condemn the killing.

Actually, political violence was started at Rangamati since 25 Februaray 2009 with the attempt on life of late Chandra Sekhar Chakma (former JSS General Secretary) followed by Anshuman Chakma, Pragati Chakma and many more. We strongly denounce the killing of Abhilash Chakma and oppose all kinds of political killings and call upon concerned all to restrain from all political violence. Political violence will not bring any good for any quarters. The attackers should be brought to book for justice and for maintaining law and order.


courtesy: "CHT VOICE"-E- mouthpiece of PCJSS (M. N. LARMA)

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