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Friday, November 5, 2010

Attempted rape in Mahalchari

Attempted rape in Mahalchari

A JUMMA girl was subjected to a rape attempt in the village of
Lemuchari under Mahalchari Upazila in Khagrachari district.

The incident took place on 18 October. According to a belated report,
Ms Ila Talukder (21) was taking a break from work at the courtyard of
their house about 8pm when Zahidul Islam (24), a Bengali settler from
Maddyom Lemuchari village, tried to rape her.

When Ila screamed for help her mother Sadhana came out of the house to
save her. But Zahidul, without being intimidated, swooped on her as

Then both the mother and the daughter screamed for help, and Sadhana’s
husband Bimal Kanti Talukder rushed there and caught Zahidul red

He handed culprit over to the settler leaders, seeking justice from
them. But as they failed to take any punitive actions against him,
Bimal Kanti filed a criminal case with Mahalchari police station.

To date, even police have failed to take any actions to bring Zahidul
to justice.

In another incident, on 15 August, a class ninth girl student of
Lemuchari High School, Asha Chakma was subjected to a raped attempt by
Md. Harun and Rahimuddin – two settlers from Lemuchari cluster

When she resisted the rapists hit and broke one of her teeth. The main
culprit of this incident is still at large.

source: chtnews.com

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