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Sunday, June 10, 2012

8 Jummas tortured in Ghilachari

EIGHT Jummas were tortured by military in Ghilachari Union under Naniachar Upazila of Rangamati district, sources  from chtnews.com said.

According to sources from chtnews.com, on 28 May, Monday, at about 4:15 pm, a group of 8 – 9 soldiers led by Warrant Officer Md. Khair (24 Bir) from Ghilachari army camp in a pick-up van drove to a village shop at Chouddo Mile and asked the people there whether they had seen someone proceeding towards Mahalchari riding on a motorbike.

When they said they did not, the soldiers beat them up and then videoed and photographed them.

The victims have been identified as Deva Chakma, 25, son of Prashant Chakma, Bimal Chakma, 26, sonf of Basant chakma, Ronu Chakma, 38, son of Nishi Kumar Chakma, Asha Purna Chakma, 28, son of Shanti Ranjan Chakma, Shankar Chakma, 32, son of Shia Ranjan Chakma, Gopal Chakma, 35, son of Shia Ranjan Chakma – all of them from the village of Suridas Para, and Chizimoni Chakma, 32, son of Profulla Chakma and Purnomoy Chakma, 28 son of Hommeya Chakma of Noapara village.

source: chtnews.com

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