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Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Jummas roughed up by settlers in Khagrachari

On 30th June, 2013, five Jummas were roughed up by Bengali settlers in two separate incidents in Khagrachari district.

According to sources, the Bengali settlers beat up four Jummas in Baro Pilak bazaar under Hafchari Union in Ramgarh.

The victims were identified as Babu Marma, 18, son of Aung Thoai Marma; Kyojo Chai Marma, 22, son of Momong Marma; Apru Marma, 22, son of Sachi Marma; and Mongsanu Marma.

The incident occurred in the evening when they were on their way back home in the village of Toikarma Para after working in Patachara Bana Vihara (Buddhist temple).

As soon as they reached Baro Pilak bazaar, the settlers caught and beat them in retaliation for the beating of a Bengali settler named Siddik allegedly by Democratic Youth front (DYF) activists during their roads and waterways blockade programme.

Later the army personnel from the near camp rescued the victims.

In another incident, some Bengali settler youths picked up Nitish Chakma, 18, son of Liton Chakma from Kalyanpur in Khagrachari district town.

They beat him up before handing him over to the police.

Nitish, a resident of South Pankhaiya Para of Khagrachari town, was waiting for his friend on the road at Kalyanpur when the settlers came and took him away, accusing him of taking part in attacking an autorickshaw during the roads and waterways blockade programme.

The settlers handed him over to the police after beating, but the police released him as there was no evidence of his involvement in any wrongdoing.

courtesy: chtnews.com

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