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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Army and Settler Bangali harasses relief team in Sajek*

May 14, 2010

*Members of the Rangamati Ananda Vihara Management Committee have been harassed as they went to Sajek to distribute relief materials to the victims of 19 – 20 February attacks by army and settlers on Jumma villages in Sajek under Rangamati district.*

* *

According to sources, members of the Rangamati Ananda Vihara Management Committee led by Saroj Kanti Khisha, ex-General Manager of Rupali Bank, Chittagong Branch, today went to Sajek to distribute relief to the victims. However, they were stopped by army at ECB camp in Baghaihat at 11:30am.

When they said they had permission from the Deputy Commissioner of Rangamati, the army told them that they must obtain prior permission from army Brigade, and not from the DC, for distribution of any relief.

“Deputy Commissioner’s permission is not enough,” an on-duty army officer was quoted as telling them.

As it was not possible to obtain permission from Rangamati Brigade office immediately, the relief team decided to return to Rantgamati.

When they reached Dighinala on their return journey, they were stopped at the cantonment again and asked by an army officer why they were coming back without distributing the relief.

When they told him what had happened at the ECB camp, he said that there would be no further problems and that they could go and hand out the relief to the victims.

After his assurance the relief team went to Sajek and distributed the relief to the victims.

However, on their way back to Rangamati they were stopped by Bengali settlers at Gangaram, near Baghaihat army zone.

The settlers misbehaved with the members of the relief team and snatched away the keys of their vehicles.

The settlers reportedly said to them, “We have *dao*s as well as hands. Don’t think that we will spare you because you have from a Buddhist temple.”

They were kept there for some time, and given the keys back only after they had complained to the army and the civil authority about the matter.

Also included in the relief team, among others, were Mrs. Nirupa Dewan, ex head master of Rangamati Government School, Mrs. Anjalika Khisha, DO, Promodendu Chakma, an LGED Engineer, and Deva Priya Khisha, an employee of Health Department.


news source: chtnews.com

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