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Thursday, May 20, 2010

PCP founding anniversary programme: Army obstructs preparations

The Hill Students’ Council president Aongay Marma has alleged that the army and police have obstructed his activists from making preparations for observing 21th founding anniversary of their organisation tomorrow.

“The police have prevented the PCP activists from making a makeshift stage for tomorrow’s programme in Dighinala.” Aongay said, adding that his men were also facing similar obstacles in Panchari and Guimara in Khgarachari district.

“In Guimara army soldiers have been already deployed and they are telling us that they would not allow us to hold any rally or procession there.” he continued.

He said they had notified the programme well in advance to the relevant authorities of the local civil administration and yet they were being denied the right to hold the rallies.

The Hill Students’ Council, popularly known by its Bengali acronym PCP, was founded on 20 May 1989 to fight oppression of the Jumma people in the CHT through democratic means.

news source: chtnews.com

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