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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adivasis living under eviction threatening from their ancestral land in Gazipur

Adivasis living under eviction threatening from their ancestral land in Gazipur

News of the Plain-land Indigenous (Adivasi)

Indigenous peoples (Adivasis) are living under eviction threatening from their ancestral land in Gazipur district. It is learnt that on 18 May 2011, an indigenous adolescent named Liton Chandra Barman (15) has been assaulted by a group of students of Jamiatul Ulumia Madrassa (Islamic educational institute) at Nanduain village under Gazipur district near Bhawal national park. While he was taking bath in a pond nearest to his home he saw some fish died were floating in the pond. It is mentionable that the pond was leased out to Madrassa by the administration despite of denial of leasing out in favor of indigenous peoples.
Seeing catching fish by Liton Chandra Barman, Madrasa students jumped over him without asking him anything and started to beat indiscriminately. Listening his crying, the villagers rushed there to rescue him. At that time, quarreling between Madrasa students and indigenous villagers occurred, however, neighbours stopped quarreling and then Madrasa students went back their Madrasa and informed the incident to head teacher of Madrasa. The teacher ordered his Madrasa students to attack the indigenous villagers. Getting order, the students made massive attack on indigenous peoples at their village. They beat indigenous women and children indiscriminately and tore their clothes. They shouted that if BNP government would come into power, we would throw out indigenous peoples from this area.
After the incident, the Madrasa authority alleged that a Madrasa student has been injured by the attack of indigenous peoples. The authority showed an x-ray report where displayed that a leg of that student was broken. Madrasa authority complained it to the chairman of local Union Parishad (UP) and other local leaders. Accordingly a salish was held at Madrasa premises on 20 May 2011 with local UP chairman in the chair. The salish was ended over without any decision. However, Madrasa authority has been threatening indigenous villagers to further attack and to evict them from villages.  
Indigenous peoples of these areas are now passing days with deep anxiety and insecurity.

courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation

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