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Sunday, June 5, 2011

An indigenous person arrested arbitrarily by police in Gazipur

An indigenous person arrested arbitrarily by police in Gazipur 

 News of the Plain-land Indigenous (Adivasi)

On 27 May 2011 Mr. Sunil Chandra Barman, an indigenous activist and organizer of Bonogram village under Gazipur upazila in Gazipur district, was arrested by police from a village shop next to his house. It is learnt that, police behaved very impolitely with other peoples of the spot when they had asked to know the reason of his arrest. Police did not provide any explanation to them.
Afterward, on 29 May 2011 the staffs of Capacity Enhancement of Indigenous Peoples (CEIP) project and support of president and members of Bonogram Adibasi Forum confirmed that a case was filed against Mr. Sunil Chandra Barman with Gazipur police station, accusing his involvement with production and marketing of local hand made wine. But the villagers informed that the allegation was completely false and baseless. According to the villagers, he is a good societal person and involved with several community association like cooperative society, religious institution in his village.
It is learnt that a group of police from Gazipur police station went to Kumarkhada village next to Bonogram to rescue hand made wine according to an information of police source. But they failed to rescue any wine and arrest any perpetrator from Kumarkhada village. After an unsuccessful operation when they were going back to the police station through the Bonogram village, they arrested Mr. Sunil Chandra Barman, who was sitting in the shop. These kinds of activities of police are noticeably violations of human rights of indigenous peoples. The local indigenous community is living in panic after the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Sunil Chandra Barman.

courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation

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