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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ban Ki- Moon raised question to PM regarding Bangladesh indigenous peoples’ issue

A meeting was held between Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on 23/9/2011. At one stage of the meeting UN Secretary General raised question to PM regarding Bangladesh indigenous peoples’ issue. 

In reply, PM Sheikh Hasina and Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said: we [Bengalis] are the biggest indigenous peoples of the country. Other people, who have been living as tribes in the country, came to Bangladesh far later after our forefathers arrived. Thus, we are the real indigenous peoples of Bangladesh.

Addressing the PM, the Secretary General said in humor- tone, then your permanent representative Dr Momen (who is a Bengali person) is an indigenous person. It is not a matter of underestimate that there is an indigenous person in the UN.

Following is the media report (in Bangla) on that meeting: http://www.amadershomoy1.com/content/2011/09/25/news0708.htm

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  1. Sheik Hashina does not know the really history of her own country. even her answer is very hypothetical ...... very poor in answering Qs. i think she never passed Exam ..juts Becox she was president daughter .. she got passed. what a leader we got ...