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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Traditional indigenous village heads (Karbaries) tortured by BGB in Thanchi

On 18 September 2011 two Karbaries (village head) of Baro Modak area of Remacri union under Thanchi upazila in Bandarban hill district were inhumanly tortured and three others were harassed by Baro Modak BGB camp commander Captain Rashed. Baro Modak BGB camp is one of the camps controlled by 10 Battalion Boli Para BGB zone.
It is learnt that on that day camp commander captain Rashed called a public meeting with the Karbaries of nearby villages at the camp. Almost all the Karbaries of 25 villages of Remacri union attended the meeting. At a stage of the meeting captain Rashed started to beat (1) Mr. Bathowai Aung Marma (50) s/o Neoilung Marma, Karbari (village chief) of Bathowai Aung Para and (2) Khyai Sathui Marma (45) s/o Kya Aung Marma, Karbari of Baro Modak Para with stick, fastening their hands and hanging from tree.
Besides, Mr. Krahla Aung Marma s/o late Mui Khoi Marma of Krahla Aung Para was harassed by the captain. Later Captain Rashed also took signatures forcibly from Mr. Diambo Tripura s/o late Japarang Tripura, Karbari of Japarang Para and Pai Mong Marma s/o late Sokra Aung Marma, Karbari of Pai Mong Para in blank paper.
BGB commander accused against the Karbaries for not informing the present of armed group of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) and Mro Party come at the villages. It is mentionable that previously Karbaries informed BGB authority about the present of the ALP, but camp authority did not take any action. On the contrary, villagers became victims of retaliation of armed terrorists of ALP for informing the camp authority. For instance, in November of 2008, Paithowai Ue Marma (headman of Singafa mouza), Chongdoi Mro Karabari and Rengnong Mro were shot death by armed terrorists of ALP.
At the last the camp Commander ordered all the Karbaries of the 25 villages to be present at the so-called public meeting to be held at the camp on every Sunday and have to bring five kgs of fowl when they come to the camp.

meeting notice of Capt. Rashed, Camp Commander of BGB Boro Madak, Remakri Union, Thanchi Upazila, Bandarban district ordering village heads
to bring five kgs of fowl when they come to the camp. .

It is alleged that most of the BGB members of the camps often do not just price when they buy any cow, goat or fowl from the villagers.

Protesting against the heinous torture of villagers, Bandarban district branch of PCJSS organised a press conference at Bandarban press club on 23 September. Following is the press statement (in Bangla) of PCJSS district committee:

Press Statement on Bara Madak Torture

source: PCJSS

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