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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sexual violence against indigenous women in CHT continue

Sexual violence on indigenous women is being continued by Bengali settlers in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) with impunity. Very recently, in July 2011, 4 indigenous women were raped by Bengali settlers. In September 2011, two cases regarding sexual molestation and violence have been received. For instances-

A Jumma woman raped by Bengali settler in Panchari of Khagrachari hill district
On 24 September 2011 an 18-years old indigenous Tripura woman of Karko Karbari Para of Ultachari union under Panchari upazila (sub-district) in Khagrachari hill district was raped by a Bengali settler named Md. Karim (31) s/o Janu Mian of village- Molla Para of No.1 ward under the same union.
It is learnt that, on that day at around 11:00 am the victim was staying at their Jum ghar (a temporarily built residence for Jum cultivation) only with her one and half year old infant. Her husband Pushpa Ranjan Tripura went to Panchari upazila headquarters with his mother to take aged allowance. Meanwhile, the culprit Md. Karim appeared at the Jum ghar and asked for a glass of drinking water to the victim. When the victim came out from her room to give a glass of water, Md. Karim grabbed her neck and then raped vigorously. While the victim was out crying, Md. Karim left the spot quickly. After the incident, the culprit Md. Karim has absconded from the village.
On 26 September 2011, a case was filed with Panchari police station by the victim’s husband in connection with this rape incident under section 3(1) of Women and Child Repression Act. As per the relatives’ apprehension, the case was not effective.
The relatives also blamed that; the medical test of the victim was done very overdue. Till the time of the reporting, the police could not arrest the culprit.  

A minor Jumma girl attempted to rape by a Bengali settler in Thanchi of Bandarban hill district
On 12 September 2011 a 3-years old indigenous infant (girl) was attempted to rape by a Bengali settler named Md. Shah Jahan Mian (26) s/o Abdul Mannan of Satkania area of Chittagong.
The victim was identified as Hla Hla Saing Marma, daughter of Charli Prue and Mrs. Mamau Marma. The culprit Md. Shah Jahan is an outsider of Bandarban hill district, working as a construction labor nearby the primary school.
It is learnt that, on that day at about 3:00 pm Md. Shah Jahan, make believe to friendliness, took away the girl while she was playing in the vicinity of their house. Their house was close to a building under the construction. At first, the culprit kissed the innocent girl, then made her dress put off and made her undressed. Seeing such acts of the culprit, the girl started crying.
Hearing the weeping of the victim, teachers of nearby Thanchi Government Model Primary School, including the girl’s mother rushed to the spot. They found that, the girl was howling and Md. Shah Jahan was standing aside. The girl at once described the occurrence to her mother. Considering the description of the offspring, her mother and other teachers of the school caught the culprit red handed and later handed over to the police. A case was filed against Md. Shah Jahan in connection with sexual molestation.

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