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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Military operations in Laxmichari, Kaokhali

Military operations in Laxmichari, Kaokhali

THE army has begun combing operations in Laxmichari of Khagrachari
district and in Kaokhali of Rangamati district, sources said.

On 26 January, soldiers in nine military vehicles from Guimara brigade

and Laxmichari zone entered Bormachari union, split into small groups
and then carried out raids in different areas including Bormachari
Mukh Para, Boroitali, Binajuri, Tonuram Karbari Para.

Besides, the army also took positions at Dudya Para and Holdiya Para

in Laxmichari Sadar Union.

“The soldiers are still there and the operation is ongoing.” a

villager told chtnews.com on condition of anonymity.

He said a sense of insecurity and panic was prevailing in the area.

According to sources, the army last night surrounded the house of Ula

Aung Marma and Laxmi Sen Chakma in the village of Kudukchari para in

They woke up the inmates and interrogated about UPDF activists.

In Bormachari Mukh Para, the soldiers twice surrounded houses

belonging to Nabin Dhar Chakma and Chandra Chakma and quizzed them
about UPDF leaders Alakesh Chakma and Pradeep Chakma.

Military operations have also been reported from Rajstali in Rangamati district.

The army set up a makeshift camp at Taithong Para yesterday, according

to sources.

source: chtnews.com

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