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Friday, February 3, 2012

Buddhist temple attacked by Bengali settlers following death of a Bengali settler in Kaptai

Buddhist temple attacked by Bengali settlers following death of a Bengali settler in Kaptai

On 28 January 2012 at about 8:00 a.m. a Buddhist meditation centre (Kilachari Bidarshan Bhabana Prosikkon Kendra) of Harinchara Bill area of Bilaichari upazila bordering Kaptai upazila of Rangamati Hill District was attacked by a group of Bengali settlers numbering 20-30 following a killing case that was allegedly occurred in nearby that area. In the attack, different parts of the temple, images of Lord Buddha were broken down and valuables of temple were looted by the Bengali settlers who came from nearby settler areas.

It is alleged that the attack was led by Md. Barek s/o late Mannan, Md. Mahedul s/o Sheikh Kabiruddin, Kasem member s/o Shamsul Haq, Md. Mohar s/o Jalaluddin, Md. Ismail s/o Nehar Khan, Md. Tarekul s/o Abu Bakar Molla and Nazarul s/o Nehar Khan.

Sumanananda Bhikku, acting principal of the temple, alleged that he could narrowly escape as he took shelter in the jungle when attacked.

During the attack, the house and valuables of Bimal Chakma neighboring the Buddhist meditation centre have also become under breaking and looting of the Bengali settlers.

It is learnt that on 27 January 2012 one Agar (a medicinal tree) cultivator named Md. Shah Alam (45) was killed by unidentified miscreants at Harinchara Bill area. Following the killing, without any clue, nearby Bengali settlers indiscriminately attacked upon the Buddhist temple.

On 29 January 2012 a delegation of Parbatya Bhikku Sangha, an organization of Buddhist monks, led by Dharma Nanda Mahathera, vice-president of Central Committee, visited the spot.

Later, leaders of the Buddhist monks organised a press briefing at the Buddhist temple and demanded immediate punishment of the attackers through forming a probe committee and conducting proper investigation of the fact. They also condemned the killing of Md. Shah Alam. At that time, Nandiya Mahathera, Central Organising Secretary, Agrojyoti Sthavir, Publicity Secretary, Dharmananda Mahathera, President of Bilaichari branch, Arjya Lonker Thera, General Secretary, Headman Jyotin Chandra Tanchaungya, Milan Tanchaungya, member of Jibtali union were also present in the press briefing.

On that day, in the morning, Bilaichari Army Zone Commander Lt. Colonel Kaiser Hasan Malik also visited the spot and talked to indigenous and Bengali people. He gave the people assurance of arrest of the killer/s of Md. Shah Alam and compensation of damages of the Buddhist temple.
courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation


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