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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three DYF leaders arrested in Matiranga

THREE leaders of the Democratic Youth Forum have been arrested by
military in Matiranga under Khagrachari district, according to a press
release issued by DYF.

The arrested DYF leaders are Ziko Marma, a central committee member,
and Nicolas Chakma and Apru Marma, president and general secretary of
DYF Khagrachari district unit respectively.

The were arrested early in the morning today from the houses of Priyo
Moy Chakma, an employee of CHT Development Board, and Uddipan Tripura,
a UNDP employee, at Tilapara of Babupara in Matiranga town.

Before making the arrests, hundreds of army personnel surrounded the
area at night. At dawn they searched the houses and arrested them. At
10am, the army handed them over to Matiranga police station.

The arrested DYF leaders had been working in Matiranga for over a week
to form a branch committee there through holding a youth conference.

Condemning the arrest, DYF leader Remin Chakma said, ‘It was designed
to foil today’s youth conference in Matiranga.’

However, despite their arrests the DYF held its scheduled conference
at Matiranga Model Government Primary School ground at 10am.

Presided over by Biplob Tripura, the conference was also addressed by
Ziko Tripura (not Marma), central committee member of DYF, Umesh
Chakma, general secretary of Hill Student’s Council Khagrachari
district unit, and Madri Chakma, president of Hill Women’s Federation
Khagrachari district unit.

The conference unanimously elected an 11-member convening committee
for DYF Matiranga unit with Pancha Sen Tripura and Joni Tripura as its
convener and member secretary respectively.

An update :

THE three Democratic Youth Forum leaders arrested yesterday in
Matiranga under Khagrachari district have been released, DYF sources
have said.

The DYF leaders – Ziko Marma, Nicolas Chakma and Apru Marma – were
released at 5:30pm the same day from Matiranga police station after
seven hours in custody.

A group of army men led by Lt. Mashud from Matiranga zone arrested
them early in the morning from Tilapara in Matiranga town.

“The police freed them because there was no allegation against them,”
Remin Chakma, a DYF leader, told chtnews.com. 

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