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Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 houses of indigenous people burnt down by settler Bengali in Panchari

3 houses of indigenous people have been burnt down by settler Bengali on May 10th at around 9 pm. 

The victims are 1. Mr. Kamal Sing Tripura (Father Name: Sikiram Tripura) from Payong Para, 
2. Chikon Moni Tripura (Father Name: Asacharan Tripura) and
3. Samiran Tripura (Father Name: Surendra Tripura) from Padmini Para under the Panchari Upazila. 

According to sources, the burners are 1. Md. Manik (Father Name: Rang Miya) from Ali Nagor, 2. Md. Fazlo (Father Name: Sahid Khan), 2. Anowar Asif (Father Name: Unknown) and Md. Karim (Father Name: Unknown). 

It has been learnt that, the main circumstance of the incident is land dispute. In fact, the Bengali settlers have been trying to occupy the land from the local inhabitants Tripura indigenous people. At present the para people from Payong Para, Padmini Para and Basa Kumar Para are living in fear of losing their land and attack from the Bengali settlers. They are asking to get cooperation from the respective authorities, organizations and individuals so that they can reservation their land and also ensure security of their life.

source: Kapaeeng Foundation

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