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Thursday, August 2, 2012

CHTJRWA demands amendment to CHT Land Commission Act and appointment of a competent person to the chairman of Land Commission

Following is the news published on Bangladeshi daily 'the independent' about the demand of Chittagong Hill Tracts Jummo Refugees Welfare Association (CHTJRWA):

Leaders of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Jummo Refugees Welfare Association (CHTJRWA) have demanded passage of the amended version of the CHT Land Dispute Resolution Act, 2001 and removal of Land Commission Chairman Justice Khademul Islam Chowdhury. “Appointment of an efficient and credible retired judge is required to resolve the land dispute in the CHT region along with the amendment of the CHT land commission act,” general secretary of CHTJRWA Santoshita Chakma Bakul said in a statement at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on Friday.
Vice-President of CHTJRWA Ajit Baran Chakma, Profullah Kumar Chakma, Mong Aprushi Marma, finance secretary Sukriti Jiban Chakma, education and cultural affairs secretary Anando Mohan Chakma, and Sneh Tripura were present at the press conference.
Bakul said illegal land grabbing is going on in entire CHT region as the government is yet to take any effective initiative to implement the CHT accord.
Despite the tenure of Khademul Islam Chowdhury has been over on July 19 he is remaining in the commission, he alleged.
He also demanded not to reappoint justice Khademul Islam Chowdhury as chairman of the CHT Land Commission as the hilly people declared him as a persona non grata.
CHTJRWA general secretary also alleged that during his tenure (Khademul) he had done a number of controversial activities violating the CHT Land Dispute Resolution Act, 2001.
Justice Khademul created unexpected situation in CHT region through taking unilateral and controversial decisions without discussion with other members of the commission, he alleged.
He further alleged that Justice Khademul Islam’s undemocratic activities were harmful to the peaceful solution to the land problem in the region. 
Criticising the role of present government he said the government is passing the time through bluffing the ethnic people. “The prime minister assured to implement the CHT accord and the 20 packages of expatriated Jummo Refugees under the accord. But there is no sign to implement her assurance.”
Anando Mohan Chakma said despite the government appointed Jatindra Lal Tripura MP as chairman of the Taskforce Committee but there is no progress to rehabilitate the expatriated Jummo refugee.


Following is the copy of original press release of CHTJRWA (in Bengali):

Please visit following link for more newspaper clippings:
Kapaeeng Foundation
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