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Sunday, August 7, 2011

‘Govt cheats nation with 15th amendment’

The National Committee to Restore the 1972 Constitution on Friday said the government had cheated on the nation by passing the 15th amendment to the constitution which would bring about a great crisis in the country.

Leaders of the national committee said they would hold a national convention in September to press home there demand for restoring the constitution of 1972 by dropping the ‘communal sections’ brought through amendments at different times and for ensuring recognition of the ‘indigenous’ people.

The committee arranged a views exchange meeting at RC Majumder Arts Auditorium of Dhaka University on Friday.

Among others, language movement hero Ahmed Rafique, Communist Party of Bangladesh general secretary Mujahidul Islam Selim, Sector Commanders Forum leader Harun Habib and journalist Abu Sayeed took part in the discussion.

The meeting was presided over by the convener of the committee, Kamal Lohani.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Lohani said for eliciting public opinion and realising the demands of the committee, they would hold a national convention in September.

Mujahidul Islam said the four fundamental principles of 1972 constitution—democracy, socialism, secularism and nationalism—visualised the character of state as whole. So any partial implementation of those fundamentals would  not define the character of the nation, he added.

Abu Sayeed said the present government having people’s mandate had restored amendments and ordinances passed by the military rulers through passing 15th amendment to  the constitution.  
Speakers at the meeting alleged that parliament on June 30 had passed the 15th Amendment to the constitution keeping some sections which were contrary to the constitution of 1972.

They said ‘secularism’ and ‘Islam as the state religion’ could in no way stay together in the constitution while the latter was contrary to the spirit of the original constitution of 1972.

courtesy: New Age

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