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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Govt. has no idea about CHT, alleges Citizen’s Committee on CHT

President of the Citizens` Committee on Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Gautam Dewan Monday alleged that neither the government nor the intellectuals of the country have any clear conception about the background of Chittagong Hill Tracts "crisis".

“I am telling you so from my own experience. Since there has been a hidden embargo, it is still difficult for someone to know about the region,” said Gautom Dewan.

He was addressing a press conference on ‘Indigenous people’s reaction to government’s stand on indigenous issue’ held at the National Press Club.

In his written speech he said, “Although all the leaders, ranging from the Prime Minister to the leader of the opposition, made empty promises to us on occasion, nobody did take any initiative so far to implement their promises.”

The CHT citizens` committee president called upon the government to give constitutional recognition to the indigenous community, ensure their own political, economic and social rights, including right to land, to declare a roadmap to implement the peace treaty and to give constitutional guarantee to different treaties and laws on CHT.

In this regard, he also mentioned that all the indigenous people of this country are Bangladeshi as citizen, but they are "in no way Bengalis" on the question of their nationality.

Citizens` committee member Prof. Mong Sano Chowdhury opined that the media is not also free in covering the CHT issues.

The press conference was attended, among others, by committee members Yu Kian John and Nirupa Dewan.


courtesy: banglanews24

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