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Saturday, November 12, 2011

17 Bengali families erect houses occupying a fringe hillock (Dubachar) in Rangamati town

17 Bengali families erect houses occupying a fringe hillock (Dubachar) in Rangamati town
Very recently some Bengali settler families illegally erected 17 houses occupying a fringe hillock (Dubachar) near Jalajan Ghat of Rangamati brigade headquarters and Tatu Roy Adam (public health area) under Rangamati municipality in Rangamati district. It is learnt that the Bengali settlers, at first, started to erect the houses at the night of 27 August 2011, but within a few days at least 17 families of Bengali settlers settled there. Though the nearby Jumma people protested the occurrence and demanded removal of the infiltrators from that place to the authority concerned, no action is yet to be noticed.
The Bengali settler families who erected houses are as follows:
(1)   Md. Hazarat Ali, s/o Rustam Ali
(2)   Md. Bachchu, s/o Nur Islam
(3)   Md. Rafiqul Islam, s/o Abdul Haqim
(4)   Md. Mannan, s/o Sonar Uddin
(5)   Md. Bashir Ahamad, s/o Naru Islam
(6)   Md. Rafiq, s/o Hafiz Uddin
(7)   Md. Akbar Ali, s/o Monlah Ali
(8)   Md. Atikul, s/o Abdul Haqim
(9)   Md. Sahab Uddin, s/o unknown
(10) Naruzzaman, s/o unknown
(11) Md. Bazlu, s/o unknown
(12) Md. Babul, s/o unknown
(13) Md. Ramjan, s/o unknown
(14) Abu Kalam, s/o unknown
(15) Mrs. Fatema Begum
(16) Md. Kajol, s/o unknown
(17) Md. Robi, s/o unknown.
It is mentionable that on 28 August 2011, in the morning time, local Jumma residents of Tatu Roy Adam tried to oppose Bengali settlers from occupying land and construction of houses. But the Bengali settlers argued that they got permission from the army. It is also mentionable that previously in 2000 some local Jumma people also wanted to construct house there, but they were not allowed by army authority showing the reason that this place is nearby army brigade office.
Protesting and opposing this illegal infiltration and occupation of the Bengali settlers, on 6 September 2011, 74 indigenous Jumma residents of Tatu Roy Adam led by Joyoti Chakma put an objection to the Deputy Commissioner of Rangamati district and sent copies of the objection to the Chairman of CHT Regional Council, the Chairman of Rangmati Hill District Council, the Circle Chief of Chakma Circle, the Commander of Rangamti Brigade, the Superintendent of Police and the Mayor of Rangamati Municipality for necessary actions.
In response to the objection, on 6 and 7 September 2011, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Nazia Shirin investigated the spot. In light of her investigations, on 8 September 2011, an order was issued by Nazia Shirin, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) of Rangamati headquarter to the Bengali settlers to desist from constructing house and remove the houses and goods from the place.
On 10 October 2011 an eviction operation was conducted from district administration side based on the objection of local people. However, only some fences of few houses were broken down during the eviction operation. But most of the houses are still standing untouched. On the other, the Bengali settlers are still staying there, repairing the houses.

source: Kapaeeng Foundation

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