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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buddhist monk harassed in Ramgarh

THE army harassed a Buddhist monk and tortured his attendant during a
raid into a temple in Ramgarh under Khagrachari district.

According to sources from chtnews.com , a group of army personnel from Sindukchari zone
raided Kalapani Buddhist Temple last night (at 9pm). The abbot of the
temple, Ven. Agadaima Bhikkhu, was not available as he had gone to
Chaindamoni Buddhist temple to attend a religious function.

The soldiers interrogated Ven. Kyochara Sramana, Uthoaiching Marma
(13) son of Amya Marma and Chaingo Thoai Marma (15) son of Ugyo Marma
about United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF).

They asked whether UPDF had held meetings in the temple and who had attended it.

When they told the soldiers that no such meeting had ever been held in
the temple, the army beat up Uthoaiching Marma.

As the soldiers were about to take them to the camp, the Abbot returned.

The army also harassed him in the name of interrogation and then left
without making any arrests.

The UPDF in a statement has condemned the harassment of the Buddhist
monk and the torture of his attendant.

soruce: chtnews.com

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