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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Attempted rape of a Jumma girl in Laxmichari

Attempted rape of a Jumma girl in Laxmichari

A rape attempt was made on a Jumma girl in Bandarkaba Mukh in Laxmichari town under Khagrachari district on April 15.

Reports said a Bengali settler named Hamidullah son of Nousher Gaji ofLaxmichari Guchchagram (cluster village) crept into the house of Hari Mohan Chakma at midnight and tried to rape his sister’s mother-in-law Ms Kalachizi Chakma (age 40) of village Morachengi under Laxmichari Sadar UP.

In his attempt to rape her, Hamidullah bit her and tore her blouse apart.

When Kalachizi cried for help, other people in the house and their neighbours came to rescue her and caught Hamidullah red handed.

The villagers handed him over to his elder brother Md. Azibor after giving him a sound beating.

The next morning Kalachizi filed a case against Hamidullah with Laxmichari police station, but the police has not acted on it yet.

It is alleged that ASI Md. Jahangir of Laxmichari police station is trying to force her relatives to withdraw the case. He is alleged to have received a huge sum of money in bribe to let Hamidullah off the hook.

source: chtnews.com

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