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Sunday, April 11, 2010

PCP observes Logang massacre day in Panchari

PCP observes Logang massacre day in Panchari

Speakers at a rally organised by the Hill Student’s Council (PCP) in
observance of the Logang Massacre Day today in Panchari criticized the
successive governments of Bangladesh for failing to bring the
perpetrators of this deadly massacre to justice.

“While the government has formed a tribunal for the trial of the war
criminals of 1971, it has utterly failed to ensure justice in the CHT.
Not a single perpetrator of grave human rights violations has ever
been punished in CHT. This is such a culture of impunity which
encourages the army and settlers to continue to attack on the Jumma
people.” the speakers said.

Held at Panchari College ground at 11:30am, the rally was presided
over by Chandra Dev Chakma, President, Panchari Upazila Unit of PCP.

Anil Chakma, Member of Chengi Union Council, prominent elder of
Panchari Jagadish Chakma, prominent elder of Pujgang Kala Chakma,
prominent elder of Manikyapara Tapan Chakma, prominent elder from
Dhudhukchara Sushil Chakma, Nicolas Chakma, President of DYF Panchari
Unit and Sumen Chakma, General Secretary of PCP central committee also
addressed the rally.

At the end of the rally the PCP took out a procession which paraded
the main Upazila town. About 500 people, including members of PCP and
DYF, took part in the rally and procession.

The then government of Khaleda Zia constituted a one-member inquiry
committee headed by Justice Sultan Hossain Khan, and Mr. Khan
submitted a report to the government.

The report was completely biased, one-sided and did not contain a
grain of truth. Instead of making suggestions for the safety and
security of the Jumma victims, it recommended that the attacker
settlers should be provided more arms and training.

The Jumma organisations at the time trashed the report and urged the
government to reconstitute an independent and impartial inquiry
committee to identify the perpetrators.

source: chtnews.com

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