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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Settlers grab land Jumma’s land Kaokhali

Settlers grab land Jumma’s land Kaokhali

There have been reports of land grabbing and theft of trees belonging to Jumma people by illegal settlers in Kaokhali in Rangamati district.

On 12 April, the first day of the three-day traditional Boisabi festival, a group of 15 – 20 setters led by Aziz Mian son of Akram Uddin from Kanchkhali village trespassed into the grove belonging to Hla Thoai Aung Marma, an ex UP member, in Shamukchari village, and began felling Gamar trees.

His son Aung Shui Prue Marma tried to restrain the settlers, but they paid no heed. Afterwards, he lodged a complained with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Kaokhali who sent a contingent of police to the spot.

But the culprits ran away seeing the police and the police returned without pursuing them.

So far, the settlers have stolen away all the trees stood on one and half acres of land.

In another instance, the settlers entered the groves belonging to Chinu Mong Marma son of late Chin Thoai Marma of village Kachkhali and Chain Thoai Prue Marma son of Chatha Aung Marma of village Choto Nabhanga and cut the trees and bamboos away.

From 14 to 18 April, the settlers took away all the trees in five acres of land belonging to the former and in one acre of land belonging to the latter. They had teak, acacia and gamar trees and
high quality bamboos grown there.

Some of the settlers involved in the theft of the trees and bamboos have been identified as Md. Harish and Md. Hossain of Kanchkhali village and Md. Shafi of Kaokhali Sadar.

They claim that they own the grove lands.


source: chtnews.com

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