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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jumma NGOs tell DC they would not celebrate Boisabi

Jumma NGOs tell DC they would not celebrate Boisabi

Several Jumma NGOs told the Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari that they would not take part in the celebration of Boisabi festival, according to an NGO executive who was present in a meeting with DC today.

The DC had invited the local Jumma NGOs and socio-cultural organisations to discuss the celebration of the festival.

However, not a single socio-cultural organisation took part in the meeting held at his office at 3pm today. On the other hand, out of around two dozens NGOs, only 7 - 8 including Alo, Trinamool, Alam, Foara and Kabidang attended.

According to meeting sources, the DC Md. Abdullah requested the NGOs to celebrate the Boisabi festival. However, Mahabir Chakma, an executive of Alam, flatly told him that they would not participate in any kind of celebration as “the people don’t have the mood for celebration.”

When the DC offered to provide protection for those who would celebrate the festival, the NGO executives asked him, “Where was your police protection when Mahajonpara, Satbheiyapara and other Jumma localities were attacked and the houses burnt down?”

The DC did not have the answer to this question and remained silent.

NGOs suggested that it was unfair, if not a crime, to force someone, who is in grief, to go about merry-making.

It was a big blow on the DC and constituted the final nail in the coffin of his attempt to force the Jummas to celebrate Boisabi.

Earlier, yesterday, all the prominent Jumma elders in Khagrachari boycotted a meeting with the DC.

The Jummas are united in their resolve to abstain from celebrating Boisabi festival in protest against the February attacks in Sajek and Khagrachari by army and settlers.

source: chtnews.com

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