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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jumma women killed in Kaokhali on 29th March

A Jumma woman has been killed in Kaokhali in Rangamati district allegedly over a land dispute with Bengali settler.

The dead body of the victim, Dhurungya Chakma alias Chotoma (Jharna Dewan) (33) of Talukder Para village, has been recovered from a nearby jungle before dusk.

According to sources, Ms Dhurungya Chakma and her daughter, a high school student, went to a nearby jungle to collect firewood in the morning on March 29th.

When it was time for her daughter (name unknown) to go to school, they returned home. Thereafter, her daughter went to school and she went back to the jungle to fetch the remaining firewood.

When her daughter got back home from school in the afternoon, she found her mother missing.

Then they began searching and found her dead body lying naked in the jungle.

The family is locked in a dispute over a piece of land with two settlers – Idris Ali and Kashem, who also went to the same jungle to collect firewood at the same time.

Her family members suspect that she might have been raped and killed by these two settlers.

There were also cut marks in her head, eyewitnesses said.


news source: chtnews.com

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