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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update of the eviction of indigenous villagers in Naikhyongchari: More 5 villages under threat of eviction

Update of the eviction of indigenous villagers in Naikhyongchari: More 5 villages under threat of eviction

 23 April 2013

Apart from Padujhiri Chak Para from which indigenous Chak villagers were evicted, another more five villages under Baishari union in Naikhyongchari upazila in which a total of 80 families are facing threat to eviction. Of them, 15 families of Baishari Tripura Para, 10 families of Toijhiri Chak Para, 15 families of Kamichara Chak Para, 15 families of Paichang Tripura Para and 25 families of Krokhyong Chak Para have face threat to eviction following land grabbing and harassment by outsider Bengali land grabbers. At any moment, 15 families of Baishari Tripura Para have to leave their village, as miscreants of land grabbers have continuously harassing them with the aim to uproot them from their village and to occupy their ancestral land and homestead.

Name of head of the families uprooted from Padujhiri Chak Para:

1.Chijari Chak, s/o late Athai Chak;
2.Athui Chak, s/o late Athai Chak;
3.Chala Khai Chak, s/o late Athai Chak;
4.Chala Khai Chak, s/o Sore Aung Chak;
5.Hlagya Aung Chak, s/o late Ching Shwe Chak;
6.Aung Ching Chak, s/o Hlagya Aung Chak;
7.Shwe Mong Ching Chak, s/o Hlagya Aung Chak;
8.Kyakya Chak, s/o Hlagya Aung Chak;
9.Chathau Chak, s/o Chijari Chak;
10.Hla Mong Ching Chak, s/o Hlagya Aung Chak;
11.Kya Mong Chak, s/o Athowai Chak;
12.Uchathowai Chak, s/o Kya Mong Chak;
13.Uching Chak, s/o late Prue Cha Thowai Chak;
14.Kyachahla Chak, s/o Uching Chak;
15.Aung Cha Nue Chak, s/o late Prue Cha Thowai Chak;
16.Aung Chagya Chak, s/o late Thoihla Khai Chak;
17.Kya Ching Mong Chak, s/o late Thoihla Khai Chak;
18.Kyahla Ching Chak, s/o late Thoihla Khai Chak;
19.Agya Chak, s/o late Hla Chowai Jai Chak;
20.Mongowai Chak, s/o late Hla Chowai Jai Chak;
21.Athowai Cha, s/o late Hla Chowai Jai Chak.

Name of head of the families uprooted from Longadu Chak Para:
1.Chakra Aung Chak, s/o late Rethowai Chak;
2.Thowai Ching Chak, s/o late Jing Thowai Chak;
3.Uva Thowai Chak, s/o late Mambau Chak;
4.Chwejaiu Chak, s/o late Mambau Chak;
5.Lamra Aung Chak, s/o late Ugyajai Chak;
6.Mong Shwe Thowai Chak, s/o Thowai Ching Chak;
7.Aung Chau Chak, s/o Thowai Ching Chak;
8.Mamba Aung Chak, s/o Mongcha Khai Chak;
9.Chaihla Mong Chak, s/o late Mambau Chak;
10.Chaihla Thowai Chak, s/o Mambau Chak.


21 families of indigenous Chak community left their village following harassment of land grabbers in Naikhyongchari

21 families of indigenous Chak community left their village following harassment of land grabbers in Naikhyongchari

22 April 2013

Indigenous villagers of Padujhiri Chak Para of Alikkhying mouza under Baishari union of Naikhyongchari upazila in Bandarban district abandoned their village following disturbances, harassments and threats of outsider land grabbers. A total of 21 families belong to indigenous Chak community were compelled to leave their village. Most of the evicted indigenous Chak families are Jum cultivators (traditional shifting cultivator).

It is reported that prior to ‘Sangrai’ festival, a traditional national festival of indigenous Chak community, on 9-10 April 2013, the Chak families left their village as influential land grabbers including rubber companies, different commercial companies and fundamentalist militant groups have been inciting hired miscreants and Bengali labourers to conduct theft, robbery and intimidation on indigenous villagers long time with the intention to evict them from their village and occupy their ancestral land and homesteads. Most of the evicted indigenous Chak families took shelter at premises of Baishari Upar Chak Para and other families at Baishari Headman Para under Baishari union.

It is learnt that the miscreants often beat indigenous Chak villagers and seize their valuables while the villagers come from and go to the market. Even miscreants commit eve teasing and sexual harassment on indigenous women and girls at elsewhere they catch them. The miscreants also frequently destroy Jum farm and orchard of indigenous Chak villagers to disturbance them. Due to unendurable harassment of land grabbers, the Chak villagers abandoned their village prior to start their Sangrai festival. It is also learnt that earlier five years ago, the indigenous villagers of another village named Longadu Chak Para under Baishari union fled from their village following unbearable harassment of outsider Bengali land grabbers.

It is worth mentioning that different companies and outsider Bengali businessmen made rubber plantation on hundreds acres of land. In some cases, they planted rubber on the land belonging to indigenous villagers. Besides, more than 11 business companies including Destiny Group occupied thousands acres of lands recorded and owned by permanent residents of CHT including indigenous Jumma people. The business companies include Mostafa Group, Laden Group, Shahamin Group, S Alam Group, PHP Group, Meridian Group, Exim Group, Babul Group, Agme Group etc. These business companies continue to occupy lands in order to extend its business and area. They occupied hundreds acres of land just by hanging signboard on the land and threatened the indigenous villagers and permanent Bengali residents to leave the area. In some cases, hired miscreants of land grabbers attacked the villagers. However, local administration has been playing passive role which encourages the outsiders to occupy more land freely.

Courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Attempted rape in Ramgarh, settler held

Attempted rape in Ramgarh, settler held

10April, 2013

JASHIM, a Bengali settler, was held while attempting to rape a Jumma woman in Raj Kumar Karbari Para under Patachara Union No. 2 of Ramgarh Upazila in Khagrachari district. He has been handed over to the police.

According to sources, a resident of Modhupur village in Nakapa, Jashim was employed as a day labourer by Sonadhan Tripura in Raj Kumar Karbari Para to crush bricks.

At about 11:30am today he went to the house of Nagendra Tripura, Sonadhan’s neighbour.
However, Nagendra was away to the bazaar at that time and Jashim found his wife alone at home. He swooped on her and attempted to her.

But the woman resisted him with a stick and screamed for help. People from nearby rushed there and rescued her.

The villagers caught Jashim and then handed him over to the police.

Courtesy: chtnews.com

Minor indigenous girl killed after rape in Dighinala

Minor indigenous girl killed after rape in Dighinala

10 April, 2013

A 9-YEAR old Jumma girl has been killed after rape in Rengkarjya under Merung Union of Dighinala Upazila in Khagrachari district.

She was a third grade student of Joyonta Karbari Para Government Primary School.
According to sources, On Tuesday, 9 April, Champa Chakma and her younger brother went to jungle in Rangapani Chara, about a quarter kilometer from their home, to collect wild vegetables.
But she was forcibly taken away from there by three Bengali settlers, according to her brother, who was able to escape from the scene.
Her parents made frantic searches for her for two days and finally found her lying dead in Rangapani Chara area at 6pm today.
The police rushed to the spot and took her body under its custody, her relatives told.
The Hill Women’s Federation president, Konika Dewan, has condemned the rape and murder of Champa Chakma and demanded the immediate arrest of the culprits.
‘It has almost become a routine for the army and Bengali settlers to resort to violent actions in the days leading up to the Boisabi, the largest festival of the indigenous Jumma peoples.’ she said, adding that the apparent aim is to foil the festival itlself.
She also referred to the 5 April settler attacks in Matiranga in which 10 Jumma villagers were injured and the whole 27 families of the village found themselves fleeing to another village.

Courtesy: chtnews.com

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Settler attacks in Matiranga: 27 Jumma families flee homes

Settler attacks in Matiranga: 27 Jumma families flee homes

9 April 2013

Twenty seven Jumma families fled their homes on Friday, 5 April, after the Bengali settlers attacked their village Pran Kumar Para under Barnal Union in Matiranga Upazila of Khagrachari district. The attacks also left 10 villagers injured.

The victims have now taken shelter with their relatives in the village of Apurno Mahajon Para in Gomti Union.
Some of the attack victims reached Khagrachari today after tracking a long distance taking a devious mountainous route.
According to them, the first attack took place on 2 April. ‘On the night of that day, around 2am, some 40 – 50 illegal Bengali settlers surrounded the house of Durjoy Tripura in Pran Kumar Para and asked him whether he had seen any UPDF men.’ they said.
‘When Durjoy answered ‘No’, the setters began beating him. The attackers also broke a door of the house of Paltan Joy Tripura, 42.’ they added.
They said the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) personnel were present behind the settlers during the attack.
The second attack was launched on Friday night (5 April). About the incident of that day, Dhana Bikash Tripura, 37, son of Jobindra Tripura has it to say: ‘It was about 1:30 at night. About 2 – 3 thousand settlers from Chouddagram Para, Sharat Master Para, Jafar Para and Karim Master Para under Amtoli and Bornal Unions surrounded our village from four directions. Then some of the settlers threw a few stones on the roof of a Bengali house and burst firecrackers before attacking my house. They beat me severely. They hit me on the head and I fell on the ground. When my wife, my mother and my brothers came to save me, the attackers beat them as well. The settlers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Naraey Takbir’ at the time of the attack.’
He said the marauding settlers also smashed his house, shop, a television, a bicycle and other belongings in the house and looted goods from his shop and mobile handsets.
Those who were injured in the attack are Durjoy Tripura, 22, Kanta Ray Tripura, 30, Chande Ray Tripura, 22, Kambha Ray Tripura, 20, Tapan Bikash Tripura, 25, Jyoti Ray Tripura, 21, Boba Ray Tripura, 18, Kishore Ray Tripura, 28 and Shova Ranjan Tripura, 24.
Of them, Tapan Bikash Tripura sustained fairly severe injury to his legs and ears and is now suffering hearing impairment.
Since all the residents of the village fled their homes, the only non-government primary school in the village established by Jabrang Kalyan Samiti remains closed, while the SSC examinees of the area cannot attend their exams fearing further attacks.

Awami League leaders blamed
The victims blamed the local Awami League leaders for the attacks. Dhana Bikash Tripura said, ‘We could recognize some of the attackers – AL leaders Hashem, Kalam Mian, Monir, Zakir, Momin and Karim.’
According to him, the second attack was led by Rafique, member of Ward No. 6 of Bornal Union, Mir Kashem, Momin, Shamshu Member and Yunus Member of Amtoli Union.
‘We all fled our homes – all the villagers. We have taken shelter in Apurno Mahajon Para in Bama Gomti.’ he added.
After the incident, on 7 April, Md. Malek, a Bengali settler and a BNP activist, threatened in the presence of BGB personnel, saying: ‘If the Tripura people don’t leave the village of their own will, we’ll butcher them all.’
‘We are now living in fear and afraid to go back to the village. We want safety and security of life and property.’ the victims said.
Tapan Bikash Tripura, another victim, said, ‘A little after midnight I woke up to shouts and screams and went out of the house with my wife and children. Then I saw the settlers beating my elder brother Dhana Bikash Tripura. I went up to them and pleaded with them not to beat him. But they did not listen to me.’
‘At this point I heard Jahangir, Monir, Mir Kashem, Nuru Mian, Hashem and Abul Hossain shouting: “We’ll spare none of the Tripura people, we’ll chop them off, and we’ll finish them off.”’
He said the settlers also beat him. ‘When I tried to save my brother, they slapped me on the face. They also beat me with sticks, hitting on my ears. I fell on the ground unconscious.’
He went on to say: ‘I recognized my attackers. They are Hashem, Monir and Abul Hossain. They also took my mobile handset and my wrist watch.’
The 27 Jumma families affected by the attack and now taken shelter in Apurno Mahajon Para are Dhana Bikash Tripura, Paltanjoy Tripura, Toklai Moni Tripura, Ratna Devi Tripura (a widow), Jobindra Tripura, Toimala Tripura, Chakkela Tripura, Kanta Ray Tripura, Shova Ranjan Tripura, Lotabi Tripura, Chande Ray Tripura, Durjoy Tripura, Jyoti Ray Tripura, Binanta Tripura, Ekana Tripura, Dui Ana Tripura (village head or Karbari), Tapan Bikash Tripura, Ratan Bhushan Tripura, Kambha Ray Tripura, Kishore Ray Tripura, Dhana Mohan Tripura, Baron Kumar Tripura, Shialcha Tripura, Jibon Kumar Tripura, Jawhr Lal Trpura, Bhagna Kumar Tripura and Siddhi Joy Tripura.

UPDF condemns
The United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF) has condemned the attacks on the Tripura people in Matiranga and demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice.
‘The unprovoked attack was aimed at driving the Jumma people from their village and take away their lands and homestead’, Riko Chakma, a UPDF organizer in Khagrachari said.
The attacks were also condemned by Democratic Youth Forum, Hill Women’s Federation and Hill Students’ Council.

Courtesy: chtnews.com

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A 12-year old indigenous Tripura girl raped by Bengali driver at Satkania in Chittagong

A 12-year old indigenous Tripura girl raped by Bengali driver at Satkania in Chittagong

7 April 2013
On 4 April 2013, a 12 year old Tripura indigenous girl was raped by a truck driver Md. Forkan (30) at Keranihat village under Satkania upazila in Chittagong district. 
The victim is a domestic worker at Pintu Tripura house at Keranihat village under Satkania upazila in Chittagong district. Mr. Pintu Tripura was posted in Satkania for his job in Grameen Shakti and both of them are originally from Baillyachari village of Matiranga upazila in Khagrachari district.  It is reported that the culprit was trying to influence her to talk silently with each other often every day when the girl goes to collect water for household purpose regularly. She refused his ill proposal in scared several time. On the incident’s night, the girl was sleeping in her room, and she was awakened at midnight by someone who threw water in her face through window, and then she came out to check outside. Suddenly she was tighten up with a piece of cloth by culprit Forkan.  He took her to a nearby area, and she was forcefully raped by perpetrator Forkan. The girl was found by the villagers when she shouted for help.  The culprit fled away from the incident’s place. Tripura Welfare Association of Bandarban gave her shelter for safeties. Until the last news, the association members preparing a written statement to lodge with police station against the miscreant.

Courtesy:  Kapaeeng Foundation

Saturday, April 6, 2013

সাতকানিয়ায় বান্দরবানের এক পাহাড়ি কিশোরী বাঙালি কর্তৃক ধর্ষিত!

সাতকানিয়ায় বান্দরবানের এক পাহাড়ি কিশোরী বাঙালি কর্তৃক ধর্ষিত!

৬ এপ্রিল ২০১৩

চট্টগ্রামের সাতকানিয়ায় বান্দরবানের এক পাহাড়ি কিশোরী(১৫) বাঙালি কর্তৃক ধর্ষিত হওয়ার খবর পাওয়া গেছে। গতকাল ৪ এপ্রিল বৃহস্পতিবার এ ঘটনা ঘটে।

বান্দরবানের ১নং রাবার বাগানের বাইল্যাছড়ির অ্ন্ত ত্রিপুরার মেয়ে ওই কিশোরী প্রতিবেশী টিন্টু ত্রিপুরার বাসায় গৃহপরিচারিকার কাজ করে থাকে। টিন্টু ত্রিপুরা সাতকানিয়ায় গ্রামীন শক্তি অফিসে চাকুরী করেন। 

জানা গেছে, বৃহস্পতিবার (৫ এপ্রিল ২০১৩) দিবাগত রাত আনুমানিক ২টার সময় ওই কিশোরী(১৫) প্রকৃতির ডাকে সাড়া দিয়ে বাড়ির বাইরে গেলে গাড়ি ড্রাইভার মো: ফোরকান নামে এক বাঙালি তাকে ঝাপটে ধরে অন্য জায়গায় নিয়ে গিয়ে জোরপূর্বক ধর্ষণ করে ফেলে রেখে যায়। পরে গৃহকর্তা টিন্টু ত্রিপুরা তাকে খোঁজাখুজির পর বাসা থেকে কিছু দূরে জমির পাশ থেকে ওই কিশোরীকে উদ্ধার করে। তাকে বান্দরবান হাসপাতালে ভর্তি করা হয়েছে বলে সূত্র জানিয়েছে।