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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Attempt to shut down student hostels of Bandarban TTC

Attempt to shut down student hostels of Bandarban TTC

The authority of Bandarban Technical Training Centre (TTC) wrote a letter to the Manower, Employment and Training Bureau to shut down boys and girls’ hostel of Banbarban TTC.
It is learnt that the principal of Bandarban TTC Eng. Mohammad Mahtab Uddin Pathowari sent a letter dated 20 December 2011 to the Director General of Manpower, Employment and Training Bureau requesting to shut down 50 seated girls hostel and 200 seated boys hostel which have been continuing for 3 years.
The principal mentioned in his letter that serious problems have been arisen in managing the hostels. These include monitoring and organising students by Pahari Chhatra Parishad (PCP) (Hill Students Council), providing membership to the students by the PCP, conflict between Jummas and Bengalis with regard to hostel managing, to create conflict between Jumma and Bengali teachers in managing hostels etc. In addition, the students of the hostels have been suffering from adequate water supply. Showing these reasons, the principal proposed to shut down hostels.
In response to the letter, Manower, Employment and Training Bureau did not take any action for shutting down hostels so far. The hostels are going on without any problem. However, attempt to shut down hostels sparks strong reaction in Bandarban, particularly among students and their guardians. Some students said that they would face serious problem to continue their study if the hostels were closed down.
The students also said that no serious problem or conflict has been created in managing the hostels between Jummas and Bengalis and even no communal tension has been mounted in this regard.
Some students alleged that attempt to shut down hostels by the principal is fully ill-motivated. The main objective of this attempt is nothing but to deprive Jumma students in getting technical education as most of the students stayed at the hostels are Jumma students. The reasons for shutting down hostels mentioned in the letter are also fully communal and racial one, the students alleged.

courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation

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