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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Settler attacks in Marishya and Dighinala

Settler attacks in Marishya and Dighinala

14 December 2011
A Jumma woman has died in a settler attack in Dighinala as communal
riots have broken out in Marishya of Rangamati district after a
Bengali settler was found dead near Muslim Para village today.

The settlers allege that Md. Sattar (30) son of Idrish alias Bujjya
went missing yesterday after ferrying a Jumma passenger to Marishya
with his motor bike. Satter hails from Kobakhali, Dighinala.

However, the Jummas refute this and said no Jumma had ever hired his
bike yesterday.

After Sattar was found dead, the settlers became angry and at 11am
launched attacks on Jumma people at Marishya bazaar. Today is market
day there.

The settlers also made several attempts to attack Babupara, a Jumma
populated area in Baghaichari headquarters, but they were resisted.

Many Jummas are reported to have been injured in the attack, but
details are yet to come.

One of the injured has been identified as Domona Chakma, manager of
Sonali Bank, Baghaichari branch.

The tension spilled out to Dhiginala in Khagrachari district where the
settlers attacked a Jumma couple, killing Chigon Mila Chakma (50), who
was on her way back home after being released from Dighinala hospital.

Her husband Jiten Chakma was also severely beaten.

Chigon Mila was admitted to Khagrachari hospital along with her
husband and succumbed to her injuries.

The couple was on their way back home in the village of Hangarimachara
in Hajachara of Jora Bridge when they came under settler attack.

Source: Chtnews.com

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