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Monday, December 19, 2011

Update from Kapaeeng: Communal attack made upon Jummas in Baghaichari and Dighinala

Update from Kapaeeng: Communal attack made upon Jummas in Baghaichari and Dighinala

It is learnt that the injured Mr. Mukut Kanti Tripura who sustained serious injured on his head and hands and Shanti Moy Chakma who was hit in the head were transferred to Khagrachari district hospital with serious condition.
It is reported that the motorbike of Abdus Sattar, whose dead body was recovered on 14th December and intensified communal attack on Jumma people, was found in the morning on 15 December at College Gate of Kassalong College, a Bengali populated area at Marishya.
Locals claimed that by recovering motor bike from a Bengali populated area, it is proved that Bengalis might involve with the killing of Abdus Sattar. On the contrary, since Jumma villagers are staying with insecurity fearing further attack by Bengali settlers, no Jumma can put the motorbike where it has been found.
On 15 December Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Rangamati district Mr. Sourendranath Chokrabarty and Superintendent of Police (SP) Masood Ul-Hasan visited Baghaichari. He also went to Babu Para to hold meeting with Jumma villagers. Jumma villagers demanded security of their lives and properties and punishment to those who were responsible for communal attack. DC and SP assured Jumma villagers to conduct proper investigation and bring responsible persons under justice.
On the other, Sama Odhikar Andolon, a fanatic organisation of Bengali settlers and Bangali Chhatra Parishad (Bengali Students Council) brought out procession at Banarupa in Rangamati town with tied security of military forces.
In a press statement issued on 15 December, 6 rights organisations, namely, Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), Bangladesh Legal Aid Services Trust (BLAST), Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh Nari Pragati Sangha (BNKS), Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) and Kapaeeng Foundation condemned communal attack on Jumma villagers by Bengali settlers and killing of Abdus Sattar. They also demanded to punish those who were responsible for the incident and to provide adequate treatment and compensation to the victims. They urged government to take action against those who were involved with such unwanted communal atrocities for the sake of sustainable peace, development and law of rules in the Chitagong Hill Tracts (CHT).

courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation.

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