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Monday, December 13, 2010

80-year old Jumma woman raped in Dighinala

80-year old Jumma woman raped in Dighinala

AN 80-year old Jumma woman has been raped in Dighinala, according to

The incident took place at Jamtoli area at 12 noon yesterday,
Saturday, it said. The victim has been identified as Suro Bala Chakma.

She was on her way to visit her younger brother in the village of
Sudhamoni Para when Manik, a Bengali settler, raped her.

Manik works in a teak plantation belonging to Khorshed, a wood trader.
He was on his way to work when he found her alone near the bank of
river Boalkhali.

When Mongol Shanti Chakma, a resident of the same area, reached near
the place of occurrence, Manik tried to run away. But Chakma ran
faster and grabbed him.

The Dighinala OC Md. Shahajahan said no case had been filed till 9pm yesterday.

For details, please click the following link: (the report is in
Bangla) http://www.bangladeshnews24x7.com/districtnews/chittagongdivision/khagracharizilla/1260-2010-12-12-00-14-37.html

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