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Friday, December 10, 2010

Army raids Lemuchari

Army raids Lemuchari

THE army raided Lemuchari village in Mahalchari in an apparent attempt
to arrest those involved in orgnising a recent protest against land
grabbing in the area.

Sources said a group of army personnel from Kengelchari sub-zone
raided the village at 11am on 7 December, and looked for Shanti Ranjan
Chakma, 43, son of Ramani Kumar Chakma, Achchal Talukder, 38, son of
late Gyana Lal Talukder and Juboti Ranjan Chakma, 48, son of Dharma
Moni Chakma.

The three Jummas played a leading role in organising a mass protest on
6 December against settler attempts to grab Jumma’s lands in the area.

However, they were not available at their homes when the army
conducted the raid.

After about one hour the soldiers left the village, but soon after
another group of military intelligence personnel came and searched for
the protest leaders.

After the raid most of the protest leaders went into hiding to avoid arrest.

source: chtnews.com

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