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Monday, December 20, 2010

Five villagers arrested in Sajek, released later

Five villagers arrested in Sajek, released later

Five innocent Jumma villagers have been arrested but released later in
Sajek under Rangamati district.

They were arrested when a group of army personnel from Baghaihat zone
raided the village of Nangolmara in the wee hours today.

The arrested are Pochondo Kumar Chakma (26) son of Chikonya Chakma,
Buddha Kumar Chakma (35) son of Kanu Chakma, Bishukko Chakma (25) son
of Kanu Chakma, Protimoy Chakma (45) and Chikonya Chakma (20) son of
Gojallya Chakma.

They were taken to Baghaihat zone and were subjected to mental torture.

However, they were released at 12:30pm after a group of village
elders, led by Chitta Ranjan Chakma, the village head or Karbari of
Guchchagram village, made a plea to the zone authority.

Before their release, the arrested Jummas were forced to sign a pledge
stating that they would not get involved in “any terrorist

The Second-in-Command of the zone talked to the village elders at the
zone headquarters.

He told them that his men had gone to the village and arrested those
five after they received information that a group of terrorists were
staying there.


courtesy: chtnews.com

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