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Friday, March 11, 2011

Army conducts house searches in Nareichari

Army conducts house searches in Nareichari

March 10, 2011

MEMBERS of the Bangladesh Army have began a search operation in remote
Nareichari area under Khagrachari district, after a Border Guards
Bangladesh (BGB) officer was wounded in an armed encounter with Santu
group on 8 March.

Hundreds of army personnel have been deployed by helicopters in the
area and a search operation is now underway.

On Wednesday night (9 March), the army began a manhunt for the
“terrorists” and carried out massive house searches in the area.

According to sources, ten houses were searched on that night. These
belong to Kalpa Ranjan Chakma (35), son of Rajani Kumar Chakma of
village Mojoleng Chara; Biloy Giri Chakma (48), son of Modhu Chan
Chakma, Priti Chakma (35), son of Bhagabanya Chakma, Ripon Chakma (32),
Sneha Kumar Chakma (50), Bichchingo Chakma (30), son of Borhan Chakma
and Ripon chakma (26), son of Phul Ranjan Chakma from Nareichari
village; and Maya Rani Chakma (35), Dibos Chakma (42), son of Surjo
Mohan Chakma, Subhash Chakma (34), son of Dibendra Chakma of Bareichari

The United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) in a statement has called
for an end to harassment of innocent people in the name of searches.

Kalo Prio Chakma, organizer of UPDF Khagrachari district unit, said
torture and harassment of innocent villagers had began after a BGB
officer was wounded in an armed attack by Santu group on 8 March.

He said the BGB men tortured Padma Lal Chakma, a 29-year old villager
from Dojorpara, when he failed to provide information about the
whereabouts of the “terrorists”.

Mr Chakma urged the government to arrest the armed gangs belonging to
Santu Larma instead of harassing innocent people.

Source: chtnews.com

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