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Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Jummas arrested after torture in Khiram

March 25, 2011

THREE Jumma villagers have been arrested by army in Khiram, a Bengali
populated area bordering Bormachari of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Sources said Ashutosh Talukder, 44, a teacher of Bormachari Junior
High School, Potindra Chakma, 45, son of Sadhanya Chakma of village
Guichari and Priya Lal Chakma, 32, son of Kamala Kanta Chakma of
village Bodyopara were on their way to Nanupur bazaar in Fatikchari
when a group of Bengali youths caught and beat them at Khiram
Chowmuhoni today at 10am.

At one stage, the Borkha terrorists, who stay at Anirban club of the
army at Khiram bazaar, put two light guns (LG) in their hands and then
handed them over to Khiram army camp.

The army was reportedly beating them further at the camp, sources said.

The beating and handing over of the three innocent Jummas may be in
reprisal for the mass beating of two members of the Borkha Party at
Bormachari bazaar a few days ago, a resident of Bormachari commented.

Ashutosh and Potindra were going to Nanupur to buy iron rods and
cement for the construction of a culvert, while Priya Lal, an employee
of an NGO named Muktipada, was on personal business.

Pradipan Khisha, chief organiser of the United People’s Democratic
Front (UPDF), in a statement has condemned the torture and arrest of
the three Jummas and demanded that they be released and the
army-backed Borkha terrorists arrested.

source: chtnews.com

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