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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jumma villager tortured by BGB

Jumma villager tortured by BGB

March 8, 2011

AN INNOCENT Jumma villager has been reportedly tortured by members of
the Border Guards Bangladesh in Nareichari under Dighinala Upazila.

The incident took place at about 9am today, Tuesday.

A group of BGB men from Nareichari camp asked Padma Lal Chakma (son of
Debendra Chakma of village Dojorpara, Nareichari) whether he knew the
whereabouts of the terrorists.

When the 29-year-old said “no”, they kicked and punched him.

The Nareichari BGB camp is commanded by Captain Sanjid.

The incident followed an armed clash between the BGB men and Santu
Larma loyalists in the morning.

Locals said the BGB had been patronizing the armed members of the
Santu group for a fairly long time.

“The BGB do not do anything when the armed Santu loyalists frequent
near the camp; rather they helped them to enter Nareichari and carry
out terrorist activities.” a villager in Nareichari said.

On 8 February, the Santu loyalists raided Nareichari bazaar and looted
away 18,252 kgs of husked rice, cigarettes and other essentials, he

The armed men used a jungle path near the camp during the raid, and
yet, the BGB men did nothing to arrest them.

It is not known what caused the today’s armed clash between the BGB
and Santu loyalists.

Source: chtnews.com

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