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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bengali settlers tried to occupy fringe land belonging to Jummas in Naniarchar

Bengali settlers tried to occupy fringe land belonging to Jummas in Naniarchar
On 3 March 2011 Bengali settlers tried again to occupy fringe land belonging to Jumma people in Naniarchar upazila under Rangamati district.
It is learnt that on that day in the morning hundreds of Bengali settlers gathered at Gobindabil area under Maischari mouza in Naniarchar to occupy fringe land while Jumma peasants were sowing. It is alleged that Bengali settlers were accompanied by a group of army led by Subedar Sayeed from Naniarchar army zone (24 Bir Bengal) at that time.
At a stage, Jumma owners of the land and Jumma peasants rushed to Naniarchar Upazila administration to prevent Bengali settlers from land grabbing. Then and there Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) of Naniarchar upazila Md. Abdul Hai sent a group of police to the spot for controlling the situation. No sooner he also called a meeting with Jummas and Bengali settlers at his office. The meeting was also attended by Chairman of Naniarchar upazila Priti Moy Chakma, Headman of Maischari mouza Mr. Kalayan Dewan and other chairmen of union councils under Naniarchari upazila.
Mr. Kritiraj Khisa Jhinuk s/o late Binode Bihari Khisa, on behalf of all his 5 brothers, showed document of land in this meeting. He claimed that his grandfather got settlement of 24.40 acres of land in 1942-43. However, Bengali settlers failed to show any document.
As failed to show document by Bengali settlers, UNO ordered Jumma owners of land and Jumma peasants to continue sowing.
Among others, Abul Kalam s/o late Gura Mian, Siddique Khan, Md. Ashraf, Shahjahan, Alamin, Jalal Bahaddar and Nurul Haque from Naniarchar Paran Bazaar and Md. Wajed and Swapan Debnath from Naniarchar Bazaar area tried to occupy land belonging to Kritiraj Khisa Jhinuk and his 5 brothers.
On the other, 30 acres of lands belonging to 5 Jumma villagers of Natun Baradam village under Maischari mouza, namely, Madhu Mani Chakma s/o Kusum Bihari Chakma, Susamay Chakma s/o Jagadish Chandra Chakma, Nila Baran Chakma s/o Sadhan Kumar Chakma, Uprue Chai Marma s/o late Thoi Prue Marma and Dayal Mani Chakma s/o Singha Mani Chakma were tried to occupy by 8 Bengali settlers.
It is reported that Subedar Sayeed from Naniarchar army zone (24 Bir Bengal) had been instigating Bengali settlers including permanent Bengali settlers to occupy lands belonging to Jumma villagers.
Nurul Haque who is permanent Bengali resident in Naniarchar bazaar said that he was charged by Subedar Sayeed as why he went to spot along with land owner Kritirak Khisa Jhinuk to comprise the issue. It is learnt that Nurul Haque was temporary leasee of the land.
It is mentionable that fringe lands are those categories of lands which reappear when the Kaptai lake water recedes.
On 11 February 2011 Bengali settlers planted red flag with an aim to occupy hundreds of acres of cultivable fringe land belonging to Jumma people in Naniachar upazila under Rangamati district.
Chairman of CHT Land Commission visit Sajek
On 1 March 2011 Chairman of CHT Land Dispute Resolution Commission Mr. Khademul Islam Chowdhury visited Baghaihat and Ruilui area of Sajek union under Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district.
He first attended the close door meeting with Bengali settlers at Baghaihat bazaar who are staying at primary school since Baghaihat incident on 19 February 2010. Report was not available on what issues were discussed in this meeting.
At that time Mr. Nayan Chakma, member of Sajek union council went to Baghaichari bazaar and eventually met Mr. Khademul Islam Chowdhury. Astonishingly Mr. Chowdhury asked Mr. Chakma to live there together Bengali settlers.

Source: Kapaeeng Foundation

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