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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Jummas tortured by army in Naniachar

Two Jummas tortured by army in Naniachar

February 28, 2011

TWO Jumma villagers have been tortured in Naniachar under Rangamati district.

Sources said a group of 25 – 30 army personnel from Naniachar zone
conducted a raid in Tripurachari village on 27 February.

They surrounded the village the whole night, and while they were on
their way to another village – Sonaram Karbari Para – at 9am today
they came across two villagers, Shanti Chakma, 32, son of Raj Mohan
Chakma and his brother Bimal Kanti Chakma, 25.

They are from Sonaram Karbai Para village, woodcutters by profession
and were on their way to work.

The soldiers caught the two brothers and then separated them for interrogation.

Shanti Chakma was taken to one side and was asked to show the army his
gun and to tell how many of them were with his group.

When Shanti said he was innocent, the army began to beat him with sticks.

At this point, he somehow managed to run away.

The soldiers then vent their anger on his brother, Bimal Kanti Chakma.
They tied his hands behind his back and beat him mercilessly.

He was released later but was ordered to present himself at Joropya
Para army camp tomorrow taking Shanti Chakma with him.

The army threatened to re-arrest him if he failed to do so.

Bimal Kanti Chakma bore torture marks on his body, sources said, and
added that the soldiers had stayed in the village till 6pm today.

source: chtnews.com

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