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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rape of Nowbai Marma: protests continue in Khagrachari

March 28, 2011

PROTESTS against the rape and murder of Nowbai Marma, a 28-year old
Jumma woman, have continued in Khagrachari. (photo attached)

The Hill Women’s Federation took out a procession and held a rally in
the town at 3:30pm today.

The procession marched from Mohajon Para to Swanirbhor bazaar, where
the rally was held.

The rally was addressed by HWF leader Rina Dewan, DYF leader Subir
Chakma and PCP leaders Apruchi Marma and Ankon Chakma.

Human chain
Earlier in the morning, the Hill Students’ Council, Bangladesh Marma
Students’ Council and Tripura Students Forum formed a human chain at
Shapla Chattwar, demanding exemplary punishment of those involved in
the rape and murder of Ms Nowbai Marma in Manikchari.

Hill Students’ Council leaders Apruchi Marma and Bipul Chakma, BMSC
leader Sunainda Marma, Aungchi Pru Marma, Chaila Pru Marma, among
others, spoke at the human chain.

After the human chain, the BMSC submitted a memorandum addressed to
the Prime Minister to the local authority.

The memo demanded that the rapists and killers of Nowbai Marma be
punished, security of her surviving family members ensured and freedom
of movement of women in the CHT guaranteed.

source: chtnews.com

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