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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Protest rally against Laxmichari army attack

Protest rally against Laxmichari army attack

March 4, 2011

THE Hill Students Council has staged demonstrations in Khagrachari and
Panchari in protest against attacks on a reception ceremony it held
for students in Laxmichari today (4 March 2011).

In Panchari, the protest demonstrators marched through College Gate
and the bus station.

Later, they held a rally at College Gate where DYF leader Arpan Chakma
and PCP Panchari unit leader Hari Kamal Tripura spoke.

In Khagrachari, the PCP tried to hold a protest march at Swanirbhor
Bazaar, but the police prevented them.

The PCP then held a rally there.

The speakers condemned the attack on the PCP reception in Laxmichari
and called for an end to military rule in the CHT.

Source: chtnews.com

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