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Monday, May 9, 2011

Another land grab attempt in Ramgarh

Another land grab attempt in Ramgarh

May 9, 2011

THE settlers made another unsuccessful attempt to grab land in Ramgarh under Khagrachari district yesterday.

According to sources, at around 9am, a group of 30 – 40 settlers from Gochchabil and Jamtola went to Wakchari village under Hafchari Union to grab about 10 acres of land belonging to Jumma people.

When they began clearing bushes and shrubs for aurum cultivation, a member of Hafchari Union, Ula Pru Marma, protested, asking them not to take away other people’s lands.

But the settlers paid no heed to him, and claimed that the land belonged to them.

“The settlers said they would cultivate aurum on the land,” a Jumma villager told chtnews.com.

He said tension between the two communities increased after that and many Jummas had fled their homes in fear of attacks.

However, at 12pm, the Jumma villagers picked up courage, organized themselves and then repulsed the settlers’ attempt to grab their land.

According to the villagers, some of the settlers involved in the land grab attempt have been identified. They are Md. Momin, Md. Sultan and Md. Shafi from Gochchabil and Md. Shahab Mian, Mondol, Md. Yunus, Md. Sultan, Malek Bhandari, Md. Shahajahan, Md. Karim, Md. Yusuf, Md. Hafizur, Md. Goda Mian and Md. Hakim from Gamtola.


source: chtnews.com

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