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Monday, May 9, 2011

Jummas boycott meeting called by army in Ruma

May 9, 2011

THE Jumma people in Ruma have boycotted a meeting called by army today, sources have said.

Lt. Col. Imtiaz, commander of Ruma zone, called the meeting today, Monday, at 10am at Ruma High School ground.

Mr. Imtiaz was posted to Ruma garrison from Baghaichari zone last year. He was the mastermind behind the 19 – 20 April 2010 Sajek attacks which left 4 innocent Jumma villagers dead and nearly 500 houses burnt.  (Please click here to learn more about Sajek attack)

Today is market day for Ruma bazaar. Hundreds of Jumma people from all corners of the area thronged the market, but none attended the meeting.

The army invited the Jummas to the meeting with loud speakers and set tables and chairs on the school ground.

But as no Jumma attended the meeting, the army called off the meeting and left the venue at 11am.

The army is reportedly set 11 May for the next meeting.

It is not known why the today’s meeting was called, however, knowledgeable sources believe that it might have been a reaction to a ‘Long March’ organized by Ruma people on 3 May in protest against a land acquisition plan of the government to expand Ruma garrison and build a new BGB headquarters in Ruma. (Please click here to find our previous post about the "Long March")

If the acquisition goes as planned, it would displace thousands of Jumma people, mostly people from Mro community, and destroy the natural environment of the area.

The UPDF has hailed the decision of the Ruma people to boycott the meeting, saying this symbolic protest would send a strong signal to the army and the government.

It urged the people to continue the movement until victory is won.


source: chtnews.com

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