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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jumma teenager killed after rape

Jumma teenager killed after rape

May 14, 2011

AN 11-year old Jumma girl has been killed reportedly after rape in Boalkhali Union under Dighinala Upazila.

The victim has been identified as Sunika Chakma alias Milacha, a class three student of Kamokyachara Government Primary School. Her father’s name is late Nama Chakma.

Police recovered her lifeless, naked body yesterday morning near Zia Nagor.

Sunika’s mother Kalpana Chakma said, “It was about 8pm on Thursday (12 May). We were sitting at home after taking our meals. At that time Ranga Chand Chakma from our neighbouring village came to our house. He sent my daughter to Shafi’s shop for some cigarettes. When, after a long time, she had not returned, I went out to the shop and asked the Bengalis present there whether they had seen my daughter. They said they had not. Then I went to Happy’s father at his house to enquire about my daughter. He said he had seen her coming back from Shafi’s shop. Then I came back home, thinking she might have been under the influence of ghost’s spell. It never occurred to me that she might be killed in this way.”

She said Tulapara and Zia Nagar are two neighbouring villages. “Ali Azom’s son Md. Kashem of Zia Nagar often teased my daughter. On 14 April, he broke into our house and attempted to rape her. At that time elders from both Jumma and Bengali communities sat together and settled the issue.” she added.

Kalpana Chakma further told chtnews.com that many Bengali youths from Zia Nagar including Kashem, Zakir, Battya Zakir, Jamallya, Shahid and Illyus gambled and drunk either on her courtyard or under the trees nearby almost everyday.

“On the day my daughter was disappeared, Hashem and others had gambled under the three on my courtyard till 7pm.” she added.

She accused Kashem and other Bengali youths of raping and killing her daughter.

“No other people can do it. I didn’t understand that they had this on their mind for so long.” she said.

Empty wine bottles, cigarettes, chocolates, parts of a broken torchlight and the blood stained dress of the girl were found at a place between Kalpana Chakma’s house and the shop. She is believed to have been killed there after being raped repeatedly.

Kalpana Chakma filed a case yesterday with Dighinala police station against Kashem and others in this connection under sections 9(3)/34 of the Women and Child Repression Act 2000.

The Hill Women’s Federation’s Khagrachari district unit President Madri Chakma and General Secretary Mishuk Chakma in a joint statement yesterday condemned the rape and murder of Sunika Chakma and demanded that the culprits be arrested and awarded exemplary punishment.

The news also got published on two Bangladeshi dailies:  Click here to read their report.


source: chtnews.com

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