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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'NSI threatens CHT Commission'

Bangladesh Government and military is doing now, whatever they can to suppress Jumma peoples voice and whoever with them. How long will it go on? How long Jumma people have to be suffered? When will Jumma people get the Full privileges and rights as citizens of Bangladesh??


'NSI threatens CHT Commission'

May 03, 2011

The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Commission yesterday called upon the government to protect the commission from recent ‘intimidation and harassment’ by the officials of National Security Intelligence (NSI).
Protesting NSI officials intimidation, it also urged the government to protect all journalists who took part in a three-day long workshop organised by the CHT Commission.
In a release, the Commission said the workshop started on April 27 to increase awareness of the journalists about the importance of implementation of the CHT accord and of recognising indigenous people in the constitution.
Signed by Eric Avebury, Sultana Kamal and Ida Nicolaisen, co-chairs of the CHT Commission, the release said, “From April 28, NSI officials attempted to intimidate the secretariat of the CHT Commission first by asking to send an official to be present throughout at the workshop, then by stationing an official outside the workshop venue for its duration.”
“The NSI official questioned several staffs at the venue and participants about the nature of the workshop, and claimed that there was a matter of national security involved,” the release said.
It said one of the lecturers, journalist Saleem Samad, was also questioned about the nature of workshop on the mobile phone several times by NSI members.
“We consider these acts as attempts of intimidation and harassment by intelligence officials,” the release added.
Courtesy: The Daily Star

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