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Friday, April 22, 2011

Army & BGB to grab land in Ruma, Bandarban: local Jummas protest

 Army & BGB to grab land in Ruma, Bandarban: local Jummas protest

April 19, 2011

Protesting move of land grabbing by the Army and BGB (Bangladesh Border Guard) in the name of expansion of Ruma Garrison and set up new BGB camp, local indigenous Jumma people boycotted Bosi-Sa-Bi festival in Ruma in Bandarbam hill district. Local indigenous people have demonstrated under banner of mass people. Finishing the procession at Upajila Meeting Hall, they held a rally chaired by Mr Loo Pru Marma, the president of JSS (Ruma Thana Unit). Mr Khaichong Mro, the Vice Charman of Ruma Upajila, Mr Numlai Mro, the Headman of Pantala Mauza, Mr Mon Shoi Pru Khyang, Mr Shoi Hla Pru Karbari, and Ni Hla Aung Marma, Member of Union Council spoke in the rally.

The speakers alleged, the Army were purposely processing to acquire thousands acres of land aiming to oust the local indigenous people from their ancestral land. The speakers vowed that if that process would not be stopped, hard-line programs would be taken without delay.  Regarding the concern, Lt Col Wasimul Haque, Commander of Ruma Cantonment, said that the land acquiring process was at initial stage.  He said that it was being tried to acquire land as less as possible, and without doing harm to the locals. Therefore, it was proposed to acquire maximum 3000 Acores, reducing from 9,560 acores of land. As large amount of land is required to make installations on slope land, that proposed amount of land was need, he opined.


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