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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update news: Arson attack in Ramgarh

AT least one Jumma has been reportedly hacked to death by Bengali
settlers in Shonkhola Para village in the presence of the army who
were deployed immediately after the breakout of the attack.

The victim has been identified as Remong Marma, 32, (mother’s name
Tuichaw Marma).

The fate of another Jumma, Chuicha Aung Marma, could not be known. He
was unable to flee the attack and caught by the settlers.

In adjacent Podachara village, the settlers beat up two Marma women.
However, their identities could not be known.

Besides, at least seven persons remain missing in this village.

The settlers stopped vehicles at Jaliapara on Chittagong – Khagrachari
road and carried out reprisal attacks on Jumma passengers.

One of the Jumma passengers beaten up by settlers has been identified
as Joti Ranjan Chakma. He is a government employee and was on his way
to Khagrachari from Chittagong.

A Jumma woman named Kalpana Chakma has reportedly taken shelter in a
Bengali house after she was forced to get down from a bus.

The settlers also dragged another Jumma and his daughter from a bus at
Guimara. The girl is reported to have taken to Ahsania Madrasa. But
the father is reportedly missing.

A team of settlers led by Zahedul Alam, a local Awami League leader in
Khagrachari, has set out for Ramgarh.

The Jumma members of the Awami League also wanted to be on the team,
but their requests have been turned down.

The Jummas fear that the settlers are preparing for more reprisal attacks.

The Jumma organisations have called on the national and international
human rights organisations to immediately intervene with the
government of Bangladesh to save the Jumma people.

source: chtnews.com

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