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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Settlers burn Jumma houses in Ramgarh today (17.04.2011)

The settlers have burnt down at least 30 Jumma houses in Uttor
Shonkhola Adam and Reyo Morong Para under Hafchari Union of Ramgarh
Upazila in an attempt to capture 50 acres of land belonging to Marma
community, reports say.

Sources said a group of about 30 settlers from Baro Pilak in Jaliapara
went to Shonkhola Para, cleared jungle and planted banana saplings.

When the Jumma villagers protested, the settlers attacked them,
resulting in chase and counter-chase.

Later, more settlers were reinforced and the Jumma houses were burnt down.

The Jummas have fled in to the jungle in the face of the settler attack.

The settlers have already captured half of the land belonging to the
Jummas in the area. Now they are trying to capture the remainder.

On 14 April, on the day of Boisabi festival, the settlers made another
attempt to capture the same land. They cleared jungle in the said

The Jummas duly complained to the authorities including Ramgarh
Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Superintendent of Police, Khagrachari, but
to no avail.

No action was taken against the settlers.

source: chtnews.com

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